28th May 2021 Ordering from Fanatec to the Uk (Shipment returned to sender,hasnt left Germany)

Hi guys not sure if any1 has experienced this yet hopefully somebody has and can advise me on whats going on.

On the 28/05/21 i placed an order with fanatec (just under 2k) im fully aware of the whole import charges etc and the hoops we all need to jump through now with importing charges etc.

After the order was placed the relevant info was regulary updated by fanatec,then tracking no's became available through UPS which told me the shipment progress (no problems), then a delivery date was shown for today 03/06/21.I had an email yesterday 02/05/21 from UPS asking me to pay the import charges(VAT & Brokerage fee) so i payed it there and then as i thought this might delay delivery.

Well this morning i checked that everything was ok and on my tracking its showing RETURN TO SENDER!

I immediately contacted UPS to find out whats going on and the agent told me it hasnt even left Germany and is being returned to Fanatec,the only reason he could give me at the time was he presumed something out of the shipment of 4 boxes had been damaged.He said he would keep me updated once he had spoken to another depot to find the exact reason for the return.

Ive now contacted Fanatec and explained via email whats happening but wont hear back for 3 working days so basically im totaly in the dark.

I was wondering whether any1 else had had this problem,especially as ive paid the duty on the goods thinking it had reached the UK and being under the impression that it was being delivered today thats why UPS were asking for the import charges and everything was going smoothly, but obviously not,i did think things were rolling along very quickly and it was to good to be true but who knows what the state of play is now after Brexit,we all seem to be in the lap of the gods.

If any1 can advise or has experienced this please leave a comment as of the minute im proper clueless.

Ill update regulary when i hear so if any1 does experience this issuse in the future it'll hopefully give them a guide to the steps you have to take to get things sorted.



  • Just an update guys

    have been in touch with fanatec webshop, got to say there on the case extremely quickly and efficiently fair play,apparently a Service issue occurred not very clear to them what this is but packages are being returned for the exact same reason.

    Hopefully on reordering things will go a lot more to plan 🤞

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