CSL Elite Base: Steering angle is wrong/nonlinear? Driver 400

In Fanatec Wheel Properties, it shows the raw steering value and angle. But from what I can tell the angle is incorrect and nonlinear - if I turn the wheel 90 degrees, the angle shown is around 75. 180 degrees shows as 160 in the tool, 270 degrees shows as 250, and 360 degrees shows as 345.

This is with a WRC wheel in PC mode, the wheel tuning set to defaults (1080 degree "SEN"), and center-calibrated. Is there a setting I'm missing to fix this? As a developer, it makes it quite difficult to match the physical steering wheel angle to a game's steering wheel, because I get the same values when calculating the raw value as a percentage of 1080 degrees. I saw one mention on one FAQ about a "LIN" tuning setting that affects linearity of the steering, but other FAQs said that was for linearity of Force Feedback, and the point is moot because that's not a tuning option on my wheel anyways.


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    It's a know issue of the firmware 684 which is included in drivers 400-402.

    You need to downgrade to driver 381 and then downgrade your base firmware back to 680 or whatever is included in that driver.

    The FAQ you found about LIN is for DD Bases only and affects FFB Torque Linearity, not steering Linearity.

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