F1 2020 heavy vibration when crashing

I wasnt able to find anything on the internet about this, so i figured i would ask here to see if its just a thing.

When playing F1 2020, i am using the recommended settings both in game and on my wheel profile according to the sticky post here. its all well and good when driving normally, but there are 2 scenarios where my wheel vibrates HARD.... and i mean like, waking up other people sleeping in my house at 2am in another room 60 feet away hard.

This happens any time i have a large impact, or lose a rear wheel, either from contact with another car or the wall or whatever. Is there a way to tone down this part of the ffb? i cant find anything in either the F1 or wheel profile settings that seems to affect this, other than just turning the ffb WAY down, to the point it isnt communicative, and even that still gives a rumble that is significantly more powerful and louder than the low level ffb.

Wheebase: CSL Elite 1.1

Wheel: McLaren GT3 v2

Pedals: CSL Elite + LC brake



  • in case anyone happens to stumble across this post with the same issue, i MIGHT(?) have figured it out, but ymmv,

    I usually have an xbox controller connected due to the fact that it is literally impossible to use the wheel to navigate subtabs in the menus. while testing this, i disconnected the controller, and the heavy vibration was gone. when i reconnected it, it returned. i thought this might be an issue with the vibration settings in the xbox controller settings profile, but disabling vibration/ffb for it had no effect, the vibration stayed.

    so i suppose for now, my fix is to unplug any controllers with vibration functions when a race starts, and plug it back in as needed for menu navigation. thank you for coming to my ted talk.

  • I have a McLaren rim on pre-order, and I'm curious when you say that it's "literally impossible to use the wheel to navigate subtabs in the menus."

    I don't mean to be pedantic, but do you really mean that it is, in fact, "literally" impossible? Or just cumbersome? What buttons/ inputs do you need on the controller that aren't present on the wheel?

  • Pretty sure cumbersome would be the more correct term there, like you said. You will often find there tends to be an exaggeration with the words used here on the forum regardless of the category.

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