Pedal compatability

I am still using using CSR wheel and pedals waiting patiently to order the CSL DD. Can I use my CSR Elite pedals with the new wheel? No laughing, they work!!


  • Yes this should be possible.

    [Fanatec Community Manager]

  • On the subject of pedal compatibility (please forgive me for hijacking the thread, but I thought it seemed relevant enough to not start another one)...

    Is it possible (on xbox) to use a set of Clubsport v1 pedals with the CSL DD? The pedals use what looks to be a PS/2 connector, and the CSL DD appears to only accept what looks to be an RJ11 connector.

    Does Fanatec sell an appropriate adapter? Can I just buy a third-party one? Or is there some Fanatec magic required?

  • My v1 pedals connect to the PC using a USB connector and the wheel a separate USB. I am hoping that it will connect to the CSL DD as a passthrough to the PC which would save a separate USB connection and config. SWAG - This might obviate the need for the old PS/2 wire / connection for the Xbox.

  • I'm not sure what you mean by the Clubsport v1 pedals "connecting as a passthrough" to the CSL DD. Looking at the CSL DD connections above, the USB would go out to my Xbox, with the pedals needing to connect to the base via what looks to be an RJ11.

    I currently connect my Clubsport v1 pedals to my 911 GT2 wheel via a PS/2 port on both devices. I think the pedals also have a USB port that i could use, but I would assume I would then need some sort of a USB-to-RJ11 adapter to connect them to the CSL DD...?

  • Ok so, I did a little bit of digging and found the following link on Fanatec's site in their FAQ section. It was listed under the Clubsport v2 pedals, but I'm assuming (hoping?) that what's written here will apply for my v1 pedals as well...? (For some reason, there was no documentation that I could find regarding the CSP v1 pedals):

    In theory you can use any RJ12-RJ12 (6p6c straight) and USB (type A -- type B; USB 1/2.0) cable which has the right connectors on both ends. If you use high quality cables of similar length to the originals, there should be no problem. Please keep in mind that Fanatec cannot guarantee perfect functionality if third-party products are involved even if the combination should work.

    Important notes regarding (replacement) cables:

      Cables which are significantly longer than the original cables can cause connection issues

      Extension cables are often the source of connection issues. Longer high-quality cables are the better option

      If your product came with a high-quality ferrite core cable, a replacement cable should be of similar quality


    Q: Can I purchase replacement "RJ12--RJ12" / "USB A -- USB B" cables from Fanatec?

    A: We should be able to offer replacement cables for all recent products. If they are not offered in the webshop, please ask our support team. But alternatively, it is also possible to use similar standard USB/RJ12 high quality cables, which are inexpensive and can be found at most electrical retailers.`

    So...according to this, I should be ok to connect my Clubsport v1 pedals to the CSL DD as long as I can find a good quality, proper length RJ12 - PS/2 connection cable? The link above doesn't mention anything about PS/2 specifically, which has me a bit concerned still.

  • Is there any information on just using the straight rj12 cable that is used with the newer equipment? I’m just thinking that the ps/2 connection is on the “computer/wheelbase” side? Correct me if I’m wrong. If that’s the case then why use an adapter to go from one to another?

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    The Clubsport v1 pedals are currently attached directly to my dinosaur Porsche 911 GT2 wheel via PS/2 on both ends, so I/O compatibility was never an issue. Now that I'm wanting to upgrade my wheel/wheelbase but keep my current pedals, this is the issue I'm facing.

    From what has been shown of the CSL DD, the only input I assume it will accept as far as pedals are concerned is RJ-12. As far as Clubsport v1 pedals are concerned, as you can see below, the only output available is either USB or PS/2. It is my understanding that USB is to be used only if you're connecting to a PC. Therefore leaving PS/2 as my only option (being that I'm on Xbox), which is why I can only assume that I need to find some sort of PS/2 to RJ-12 adapter.

  • Gotcha, straight up ps/2 on both sides. I missed the CSR part earlier. Damn, do they make a ps/2 - r12 adapter? That seems crazy random.

  • I've actually found one or two by scouring the web. They definitely don't appear to be very common though, for sure. I just was hoping for some sort of confirmation from someone in the know (preferably from Fanatec themselves) that this is indeed what I need to look for, that yes it should work, or in a perfect world, yes we'll sell one to you. The few that I've found are only about 20 bucks or so, but would be nice to know that I'm not barking up the wrong tree here before spending money on something that may wind up being useless to me.

  • “I just was hoping for some sort of confirmation from someone in the know (preferably from Fanatec themselves) that this is indeed what I need to look for, that yes it should work, or in a perfect world, yes we'll sell one to you.”

    I could not agree more. Did you shoot support a ticket? I use them for all sorts of stuff not just warranty and fixes. They have always been helpful for me.

  • I used the contact form on their main site, but I'm not sure if I directed it to the correct department. I think it was Support, but I'm not entirely sure now. Regardless, it mentioned that it may take up to three business days for a reply. I filed the request on I think it was a Friday afternoon, so being that it's currently Sunday morning here, it could be a while yet before I hear anything. I just hope that if it turns out that this adapter is what I need and Fanatec either can't or won't sell one to me, the ones that I've found online don't disappear in the meantime.

    I'm trying very hard not to be impulsive, but I have a feeling I may just wind up buying one pre-emptively before I find myself SOL.

  • Yea, they are pretty punctual with the 3 business days, at least they have been with me. Disclosure - I normally don’t count the day I sent the request, and obviously not weekends. If the adapter you need would/will be for the DD, at least you got time to source it. Big plus.

  • Yes...and depending on which CSL DD preorder Wave I find myself in, I may find I have a lot more time to source it than I anticipated! 🙄😂

  • Don’t know if you happened across this but it’s a post from Dominic Brennan

    Hi everyone,

    We are investigating an issue that prevented some customers who were eligible for the Wave 1 pre-order from being on the master list. 

    We're also working through some technical issues that is still preventing some customers from completing a CSL DD pre-order. 

    'Wave 1' is still open, so for those who have access to the CSL DD on the site, it should be possible for you to place a pre-order once these issues are resolved, so I suggest that you keep checking the site every few hours.

    We hope to transition to 'Wave 2' within the next week, so those who missed 'Wave 1' should soon have access to the CSL DD section of the website. 

    We apologise for the inconvenience and we appreciate your patience.

    [Fanatec Community Manager]

  • I hadn't seen that, thanks for posting. I'm not really fussed about the pre-order situation tbh. I know it's an impossible situation for Fanatec to try and please everyone. I've waited 10 years to upgrade... lol. I suppose having to wait a few more months isn't going to kill me. 😆

  • So...just a quick update to follow up. Just heard back from Fanatec a few minutes ago, and I have to give props to their support team, they said 2-3 business days for a reply...I wrote Friday afternoon, and here it is Monday morning. 👍

    So bottom line is, they've said that I'm correct in thinking that I need a PS/2 to RJ-12 adapter, but that unfortunately they can not supply me with one. As luck would have it, I've managed to find someone selling a "Fanatec PS/2 to RJ12 adapter" on ebay, so I went ahead and snatched that up. At 30 bucks with shipping, it's a bit more than I would've liked to pay, but if it works and lets me keep using my pedals with the CSL DD, then I'll be happy as the proverbial pig in 💩.

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    Sweet, yea I actually saw a few on eBay. Looks like they may be made by someone in house, but not Fanatec brand. They look to be very good quality, they are a grayish color. Seem to be coming out of the UK.

  • I actually have some PS2 cables that I saved just in case, and some rj12 connectors, so I could just make myself one for my Clubsport V2's.

    Does anyone have the schematic for this cable so I can make absolutely sure its right before I plug it into the CSL DD?

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