CSL DD should have been marketed differently

Fanatec should have marketed the CSL DD base differently. They should have marketed a 5nm and a separate 8nm. They could have kept the prices the same, but people wouldn't be bellyaching about how a power supply is $130 because it would just be whatever price the wheels are selling for. Poor marketing strategy. They could have still offered the higher power supply to the 5nm wheel but people probably wouldn't really notice much since the focus wouldn't be on the power supply but instead which base should they choose, 5 or 8?


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    CSL DD sold out today. They could have charged more money and it would still have sold out.

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    I sort of agree - it's human nature to push back against a €150 power supply (plus shipping). But, on the other hand, maybe we should move beyond our initial instinctive reaction and thank Fanatec for bringing superb technology at the €350 price point, which is partly achieved by mass-producing and shipping a single unit. It's a huge achievement, and we need to cut them some slack.

    They will likely introduce a mid-tier DD sometime over the next 1-2 years, so they may have preferred to keep the number of marketed variants down now so that the new units could slot in the line-up better.

    Yes, a €480 8Nm "CSL DD +" may have looked better, but some people would still moan about the difference being just a power supply.

    So...Fanatec can't please everyone, which means maybe we should just grow up and stop whinging - I know I had to fight my own whinging instincts!

  • When PURCHASED separately the power brick is an optional upgrade. OPTIONAL…..If you instead order it with the purchase of the DD unit then your unit might as well be a different model. Basically, not technically exact. Meaning a there is a 5nm version and a 8nm version just like the DD1 and DD2. So I don’t see how people are feeling ripped off, when you as the consumer, are given the complete choice as to which “model“ you can buy from the get-go, If you want to buy the upgrade later on, then that’s on you.

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    Yes Yes Yes - I agree but please Fanatec when can I buy one?

  • In the US they are still available. I ordered the 5 nm version. Why, because if feel I need 8nm then I can purchase it later, cost me $20 but in the end I have 2 power supplies in case one burns up. Then I am not waiting on a replacement to be sent.


  • how are they available? ive spent hours yesterday and today trying to buy one with an account on the sub list blah blah blah

  • given up dude going VRS....

    GL if ur still trying to find this truffle

  • This was a post from Dominic Brennan

    Hi everyone,

    We are investigating an issue that prevented some customers who were eligible for the Wave 1 pre-order from being on the master list. 

    We're also working through some technical issues that is still preventing some customers from completing a CSL DD pre-order. 

    'Wave 1' is still open, so for those who have access to the CSL DD on the site, it should be possible for you to place a pre-order once these issues are resolved, so I suggest that you keep checking the site every few hours.

    We hope to transition to 'Wave 2' within the next week, so those who missed 'Wave 1' should soon have access to the CSL DD section of the website. 

    We apologise for the inconvenience and we appreciate your patience.

    [Fanatec Community Manager]

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    i had access to it and to buy it but each time i started the process it would disappear and take me to a blank page/black page/server down page/ until eventually it was removed....ill never spend hours of my free time trying to hand some1 $700 again in my life lol worst purchasing exp ive ever had by a mile

    might run n2 u on track somewhere (literally hehe)

  • Thank you for posting that, Joshua. It gives me hope that I'll be able to preorder one within a week. If I can't for whatever reason, well, so be it.

  • My experience was only being able to purchase the DD bundle with upgraded PS.

    Someone posted a screen shot here of the DD pre-order purchase page without 180watt ps.

    I manually typed in the URL and was able to purchase the non bundled 5nm DD that way.

  • I was looking to buy a CSW V2.5. I am glad that I will get a Direct Drive wheel base for about $70 less than what the Club Sport wheel would have cost. Thinking about it like that, I could care less about how much the power supply is.

  • I ordered the CSL DD yesterday, first Fanatec product I buy. The bad news is I read that availability is around the second half of October. That is more than 4 months away. Sure, the price is attractive and everything but I gave them my money now and i will maybe get something in 4 months. Is that ok with everybody?

  • that's what is called pre order. In germany there is an option called "payment in advance". The order will only be shipped once the money was payed, but you can decide when you pay the money.

  • Thanks Sascha, good to know.

    When I made the pre-order, I read this in their email: "If all products are available, the order will be shipped once your payment has been registered. This may take a few business days. Please note that you will not receive a payment reminder for this order. Non-payment will hold back your order."

    So, I gathered that as nobody will alert me when I need to pay, this means that I may lose priority if I pay later, while i should keep my priority if i pay immediately. Is that correct?

  • No that isn't correct, you placed your order, that's what counts in the end. Once your complete order is ready for shipment Fanatec would just wait for your payment, once received they send it to you. Payment doesn't loose or win you any priority on shipping dates. Orders do.

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    All right. Lesson learned. Next time I'll pay only when the order is ready for shipment. I was mislead by the "you won't receive any payment reminder for this order". I thought that meant that they won't tell me when the order is ready for shipment (which of course also means "time to pay!"). According to what you're saying, they will alert me when the order is ready for shipment and only then i would have to pay. It's weird they don't write that clearly in the pre-order, then.

  • They actually don't tell you when it's time to pay. That is definitely something Fanatec should consider for the future. Especially if you take a look at the new availabilty date of the Fv2.5...

  • You can make a 24 volt 200watt PSU fit the DD, but you'll be spending at least $70 (shipping not included) for a not-garbage PSU, spending on soldering equipment I bet most people don't even own, spending on the proper Molex connector...

    Someone who needs to buy everything to make a PSU fit might save $20-30 USD.

    I might save $60 since I have everything but a 200w PSU and the molex...I'd rather just buy the 8nm DD

  • Make sense. CSL DD and CSL DD Pro ???? hahaha

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