just sell your stuff when you have enough units

in my naive imagination it is like this:

A company offers a product and wants to sell it. The company makes it as easy as possible for the customer to give them his money.

As we already know from cell phones and graphics cards, it is unfortunately not always the case.

For me, fighting with the F 5 key while wasting a couple of hours is not part of a pleasant shopping experience.

Especially if many people were unsuccessfull with it .

Why don't companies just sell their stuff when they have enough units ...?

Shure there are products for which it is not clear whether or not it will sell well.

A Fanatec Direct Drive Wheel Base for $ 350 is not one of them.

So again:

Sell ​​your stuff when you have enough units.



  • Correction:

    it seems like I was successful after all this morning.

    That puts my accusation about availability into perspective.

    So it is of course easier to cope with the rather unpleasant shopping experience ...

    So, I apologize for any false allegations

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    "Why don't companies sell their stuff when the have enough units?"

    Not trying to be a... well... a stubborn donkey, but I am sure that scalpers can find a way to spoof thousands of new virtual ID's just so they can buy all of Fanatec's stock on hand. And the impatient consumers would probably take E-Bay scalpers up on $800.00-USD CSL DD 5Nm wheel bases. All while the people who are patient enough to wait for Fanatec to get to them on their backlog, still have to wait until the 4th quarter of 2021 just to get their wheel bases.

    Even though this pre-order is somewhat of a hot mess, Fanatec is trying to put the people who bought from them in the past and those who expressed enough interest to create a Fanatec account and subscribe to their Newstandardd news letter, at the front of the line. They want them to be first once the wheel bases start shipping. Just opening up sales on a first come, first served basis, will only feed those who can play the system. It's not a perfect pre-order roll out, but it's better than the scalper/miner riddled console and graphics card launches.

    Glad that you were able to get a order in. I am just leaving this here for a discussion. 😀

  • But have you checked on your order details for what the availability date is? Mine is 15th September 2021!

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