ClubSport Universal Hub V2 and ClubSport Universal Hub V2 for Xbox

Hi all,

I've been seeing a few questions pop up about the new ClubSport Universal Hub V2s that are now available for pre-order.

What is the difference between the V1 and V2?

  • Both Xbox and non-Xbox V2s have revised electronics, magnetic shifters, and upgradeable quick release.
  • In anticipation of the move to QR2, we are now shipping the quick release in a separate box. So when you add this product to the basket, you'll see that it also adds the 'QR1 Wheel-Side' (formerly named ClubSport Quick Release Adapter) to your basket.

What is the difference between the V2 and V2 for Xbox?

  • The both are essentially the same spec, but the Xbox-licensed version includes an authentication chip that allows compatibility with Xbox systems (Xbox One and Xbox Series X|S).
  • Like the previous ClubSport Universal Hub for Xbox, the V2 for Xbox comes fitted with Xbox button caps, which are removable. Generic 'racing style' caps are included. It also includes an 'F' signet sticker to fit over the Xbox logo on the FunkySwitch if you wish to make its appearance more neutral for multi-platform use. The Xbox-type buttons on the top of the hub are not removable however.
  • The non-Xbox version's top buttons are numbered, so it has a more 'platform neutral' appearance in that sense. It also only includes the racing-style caps, and its FunkySwitch is branded with the 'F' signet.

What does 'revised electronics' mean?

  • The ClubSport Universal Hub V2 / V2 for Xbox now uses a more modern microcontroller, the same as the one first introduced with the ClubSport Steering Wheel Formula V2. This allows user-updatable firmware, unlike the previous Universal Hub. It now also supports the Podium Button Module Endurance directly with the DataPort-C connection, unlike the previous version which required an adapter.

If you have further questions, ask them below and I'll try to address them!

[Fanatec Community Manager]


  • The aluminum housing of the V2 will also be sold separately? So I can upgrade my Clubsport Universal Hub V1 with the replaceable QR? Or is the only option to buy a new Hub V2?

  • Hi Dominic,

    so, will the V2 Universal Hub with the Podium Button Module Endurance support more buttons (e.g. for ACC on XBOX/SX) (besides D-Pad) to configure than the V1 Universal Hub?

    What could include or mean: „User-Updatable Firmware“?

    When will the QR2 be available in the shopping cart as an option? I would like to pre-order asap.

    Thanks and cheers,


  • Hi Pasqual, there are no plans to offer the V2 housing separately.

    Hi Alexander,

    Input support on Xbox is restricted by the console, this is Microsoft's decision. The move to ClubSport Universal Hub V2 does not change this situation. However, we know that MS is open to the idea of changing this limitation, but we can't suggest a time-frame for when that could happen.

    User-updatable firmware simply means that the V2 can be updated through the Fanatec driver like our other more recent wheels. The previous Universal Hub could not, it was stuck with the factory-installed firmware. The advantage of updatable firmware is that the functionality of the Hub can be easily adjusted or improved through updates. It could also potentially mean better compatibility with future accessories.

    I am unable to comment on QR2 availability at this time.

  • Thanks Dominic 👍🏼

  • I’m a little disappointed here.

    • The kits for the hub + wheel sell for only 50 more than the hub alone which means you give 100 discount on the hub.
    • I have 6 Xbox hubs, with 6 wheels and 6 magnetic shifters. Upgrading would cost me 2100.

    Is there any way I can get a discount if I buy 6 hubs with the quick releases and WITHOUT magnetic shifters since I already have them?

    I can send the old ones back if needed.

    Please send me a PM.

  • Where is Podium Hub (EU)?

    Is it coming back? Some improvements also for that?

  • Will the existing xbox hub be compatible with the new QR2 system? For example if I choose to upgrade my new CSL DD base to the QR2 system, when it comes out, can I still use my current Xbox Hub or do I have to exchange the Quick Releases in the base every time i wish to use my Xbox Hub.

  • The current (or now old) Universal Hubs are not compatible because they do not have an exchangeable QR.

  • Sell your old units. Use money towards upgrades. Pretty simple.

  • To me it seems unlogic to announce new products, shipped with an old quick release system that you plan to renew shortly. For the people buying the products now, compatibility towards future Fanatec Eco System products is uncertain, while for users with "old" hardware the compatitbility with the new QR system is also not a guarantee.

    I understand it's pretty difficult to apply an upgrade to such a fundamental part of your products (the QR obviously) but for reselling's sake my products just devaluated in my opinion. Are you going to keep creating steering wheels which would be compatible with the old QR, or will the old QR system become obsolete and dying? If so, I'd feel a little left in the cold.

  • Probably a bug? It’s about availability?

  • I was thinking exactly the same. It would make more sense to release the new Hub when the new QR is released. I guess this way Fanatec get to sell you a QR twice though - so good for profits.

    I was hoping for more of a redesign too - the Clubsport hub is pretty agricultural - I hate how you have to fiddle with wires and loose rubber grommets when adjusting or changing shifters.

    At the very least, there should be an option to buy without any shifters - many will already have upgraded to APM so no need to pay for redundant magnetic shifters when upgrading.

  • Why should updrade to V2, just because of QR2?

    What are benefits of new QR?

    I´m happy with CS Hub, APM, Podium Button Module, QR1 also at wheel and DD1.

  • I would have wished to see more options on the universal mount (e.g. d-pad/funky switch) to cover more option for XBOX players.

    I‘ll wait until the QR2 option in the checkout for the universal hub V2 and the male part of the QR2 is available for the DD wheel bases are available.

    It does not make any sense to spend money right now. And even when preordering right now I would have to wait till October 🤷🏽‍♂️

  • In having funky switch option it would be a game changer, since the six buttons (see picture) are not usable for Xbox. But D-pad would be and that would add many buttons. Just my two cents.

  • Hi Marko, it will be back soon. The Podium Hub is a fairly recent product, so there are no changes, aside from the QR being packaged in a separate box, as with our other new wheels / hubs.

    Hi Marco, we are trying to make the transition to QR2 as painless as possible. We'll be detailing everything you need to know about QR2 at a later date.

    Hi Alexander, can you explain what you meant about the D-pad/FunkySwitch?

    [Fanatec Community Manager]

  • HI,

    I am new to simracing and just made a substantial order and realized I am missing a hub. I will be unable to use any of this without the podium hub. Can you give an idea of when "soon" is?

    Thank you.

  • Let me put it differently, I want to order a CSL DD, but obviously it features the "old" QR1, will you ship owners of this configuration a QR2 for only the delivery costs? Or will it be another thing you have to buy for full or reduced price?

    It really makes me wonder, if it's the last, why would I buy anything now?

  • There is no user manuals up for the new V2 hubs.

    Could you please confirm the PC button mapping for the Universal Hub V2 (NOT XBOX)

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