ClubSport V3 Brake Pedal spiking help

Hey guys!

I was racing in ACC earlier yesterday and halfway through a race my car just started braking. I was confused so I left the game and checked FanaLab to look at the sensors.

So the issue right now is that no input is detected from around 0-80% brake force then once 80% brake force is achieved this happens on the brakes.

I cleaned the load cell and checked wiring and nothing looked broken or dirty so I'm unsure how to go about this now. Any help would be appreciated!


  • Hey MP, not sure if support helped you on this. I'm having this same issue as well, so I'm curious if any help was offered.



  • Hey,

    I experienced the same issue in a league race yesterday at Spa in ACC.

    I hit breaks for busstop and came to a complete stop mid-corner. After several tries pushing the brake all the way it finally let go. Next hard braking zone the issue appeared again...

    I just updated the drivers the day before yesterday ( June 10th). Maybe there is a coincidence...

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    For anyone that may look at this thread. I found my issue and it seems that it could be pretty common after certain hours of use. The Loadcell plate broke off and resulted in spike and/or glitches of the brake pedal. I've submitted a support request. I'll keep this update.


    (edit) - added a photo. You can see the plate is no longer parallel with the rest of the unit. And once you release the brake piston, this plate is now loose. Hope that helps.

  • Here's the broken loadcell.

  • Keeping this one updated. The Support Team was very helpful and they will be sending out a replacement loadcell and brake pin. The shipping label was generated on 6/16 but have not received any update since. This is very strange since I'm literally a stone's throw away :) from their distribution in La Mirada, CA (less than 5 miles away).

    Hope to get this part in soon, keeping my finger crossed. My son missed a few rounds of races already (I know , I know first world problem).

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