Pre-order dates

So my question is when I originally ordered the loadcell kit back in the middle of April my pre order date was May 8th. It still says May 8th under my order overview but when I go to the product page it says pre order for July 10th now. Will my order ship on the May 8th date or would it not ship until July? If anyone knows the answer thanks for your help in advance!


  • Dealing with the exact same thing. Ordered the loadcell and pedals while they were in stock but preordered the csl elite bundle. Now the loadcell isn’t in stock. Really hope they pull items when they are ordered that are in stock or else it could cause shipping delays indefinitely with the way stock is currently.

  • What I'm hoping is that they only plan ahead to the next availability date. So if you pre order something in april and it says may 10th that they only plan to ship to customers the amount they expect in the first shipment so the item he/she ordered would be in that batch. If it goes over the amount they are getting in the first shipment then they change the date to say "may 30th" for people that are ordering later to get theirs in the second shipment the warehouse gets. But I have no idea how Fanatec does it.

  • I'm hoping my CSL Elite Bundle will ship on or close to the May 15 they're saying on the website.. ordered a little less than a week ago.

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