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Hi wonder if anyone can help please. Just had email to tell me I'm eligible for 2nd wave CSL DD preorder and considering buying. Unfortunately currently using thrustmaster gear so would mean also purchasing pedals and wheel. Just a little confused with wheel options. The porsche wheel says xbox compatible although not in stock until October, is this still compatible with CSL DD or just the 2.5 wheelbase? If not what other wheel options would you suggest? Cheers


  • Any of the wheels that say “Xbox Compatible” will make the Wheelbase compatible to Xbox. The wheelbases in general do not carry the Xbox security chip, they will just be “Xbox Ready”. It is the PlayStation security chip that is in the wheelbase(if it is the corresponding model).

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    Yes, the wheel is compatible with any of Fanatec's wheel bases that has a quick release. That means it'll work with the CSL DD, the Podium DD1 & DD2 wheels and the CSW V2.5.

    A cheaper option would be the Mclaren GT3 V2. Although it's not a round wheel, it offers a decent amount of knobs and switches, which will give you a lot of control over various adjustments during a race. It's also Xbox and PC compatible.

    There was a WRC wheel rim. It was round and it would have been a decent starter wheel, but it's not listed on the Fanatec US site. Maybe it will be re-listed, I don't know?

    If the you need a round wheel, and don't mind a little assembly, and paying $400; then look at any of the Club Sport Universal hub V2 for Xbox variants. As long as you see the green "Xbox" dot, then it will work with the console.

  • Cheers for the help fellas....unfortunately wasn't quick enough off the mark, so missed out. Not sure whether I'll get another email on the 3rd wave but hoping so.

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