Podium Hub?


I am new to Fanatec and I've recently ordered:

Podium Wheel Rim Porsche 911 GT3 Cup Leather

Podium Button Module Endurance

Podium Advanced Paddle Module

Podium Wheel Base DD2

ClubSport Pedals V3

The problem is that I probably needed a hub or all of this won't work together. I am finding I can't order a podium hub and want to know more about its availability. I see the other posts that speculate that it is discontinued and others that indicate that it is simply out of stock.

Do I need this hub and, if so, will it be available soon? I don't think I'll be racing until that is resolved.



  • Yes You need Podium Hub and it will come back to stock soon, says Fanatec 🙂

  • Well, technically you don’t need THAT hub. You can use the Podium hub, or you can use the Clubsport Unversal hub. You could have gone with the Clubsport Porsche gt3 Wheel combo that is unfortunately still on preorder. But as far as the Podium Hub is considered, yes it will be back in stock. It will NOT be discontinued. Unfortunately, at this time there is no time frame as to when it will be back in stock other than “soon”.

  • Hi,

    Thank you both for the info. I think I'll stick with the Podium Hub and hope that soon means sooner.

  • I got a similar response from Fanatec support. I wish I knew better as I believe I have a significant investmet in a system that will not be usable without this vital part. It would seem that this item has been unavailable for nearly a month now.

  • If it really be "soon", why not pre-order possibility 🤔

    Now product is totally removed from EU webshop.

  • Like I said in my first post, I am new to Fanatec; Is a months-long shortages of a key component of a flagship product line common for Fanatec? I went with Fanatec as I understood it to be a top-of-the-line vendor for simracing. I went with the Podium products as they are the flagship line. However, it would seem that the marketing campaigns and new product development is aimed at the lower tiers of the product line.

    If this sort of waiting and shortage is common, then I'll learn from it and keep it in mind moving forward. What I'm trying to determine what is normal for this company. For instance, the product I need is in stock in the Australian store, but not in the store for my region (North America), are cross-region orders/transfers possible?

    I'm too new for this to reach any complaint level, but the price of the products is high enough to fairly ask about supply chain reliability and, in turn, product reliability.

  • When it comes to other the regions, and what products they have, the quantity of the products, and the availability of the products, it is best to only view your region. From what I gather we are limited to what our region has, and there are no cross region orders or transfers. As far as general availability, all I can say is they did just basically do an overhaul of the entire line. I also think there is still some sort of microchip shortage, in general. I could be wrong on that one.

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