Why doesn't US site have CSL WRC steering?


I want to order CLS DD as 1st wave customer and WRC steering at the same time since I don't have any other base systems. But I can't find WRC on us site although I can it on other regions. Why? I don't want to order them separately. Do you discontinue it on US region only?


  • My guess is that it's just out of stock here in the US. Hopefully we'll see it return before too long. I've purchased the Mclaren GT3 rim, for my CSL DD when it arrives. Wouldn't mind also having the WRC rim for my rally racing.

  • The WRC wheel will return to the US site very soon.

    [Fanatec Community Manager]

  • That is wonderful news, thank you

  • When will the Porsche 918 wheel come back to the us? It's on the European website but not here. I ordered the DD, will it work with the DD? Will be using on PC.

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