Advice for a (complete) rookie

I am an amateur racer on the East Coast of the US. Since all racing has been cancelled until at least July, I am interested in a Fanatec setup - whilst I only have space for a table set-up, I am prepared to spend about $3K on a bundle as I am saving at least this amount not racing in real life. I would like three pedals and a shifter. What would the more experienced sim racers recommend? I dont have an XBox or PS (but could buy that if necessary) , but I have a MacBook Pro and a large screen that I use for work.

I normally track a Porsche GT4 and race on circuits like Watkins Glen, so which games are best suited and most realistic?

Thanks for your advice



  • I would first check to see if any of the racing titles support MacOS and/or bootcamp. Not all of them does.

    For the car/track combo, your best bet is iRacing since it has both 718 GT4 and Watkins Glen (albeit a slightly older track scan). I'm not familiar with rFactor2 but you can check to see if they have mods for the cars and/or tracks that you're looking for.

  • Thanks Austen - I guess first task is to see what is compatible with MacOS.

  • Some games won't run with bootcamp either, so I'd make sure that it does before dropping money on a game that you can't play. Good luck.

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