CSL DD pre-order final wave now open. Available to everyone in all regions!

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The third and final pre-order wave is now active in all regions, meaning that the CSL DD and its accessories are now visible on the site to everyone, but it is still limited to one unit per customer.

As a reminder, the CSL DD (5 Nm) starts at 349.95 EUR (incl. VAT), 349.95 USD (excl. VAT), 599.95 AUD, 47,900 JPY. 

When you add it to the basket, you’ll be asked whether you wish to upgrade to the Boost Kit 180 (8 Nm). If you add the Boost Kit 180 in this way, the discount will automatically be applied, meaning that you will have 8 Nm direct drive performance for 479.95 EUR (incl. VAT), 479.95 USD (excl. VAT), 829.90 AUD, 65,500 JPY. 

We are also listing a CSL DD + Boost Kit 180 Bundle, which is simply another way to add the two items to your basket with the same discount applied. 

Here’s some early pre-reviews of the 3 community choices. I think you made the right choice as all 3 are super professional and entertaining videos. Special award goes to MC James for his great song. Thanks for this earworm ;)


"I'm honestly amazed at how good this thing feels. When it comes to the fidelity I'm getting here, this is every bit as good as a DD1 or a DD2 is." - Will Ford (Boosted Media)

“You can very much feel the responsiveness, that snappy acceleration of the wheel that makes feeling the grip limit and catching the car that much easier” - Chris Haye

"I would definitely recommend that if you do get one of these, that you get it with the high power power supply, the difference between 5Nm and 8Nm is absolutely humongous, and it really just transforms the experience" - James West (GamerMuscleVideos)

The response to the pre-order waves has been incredible. Without a doubt, this is the largest product launch in the company’s history. We’re reshaping the sim racing world together!

Some of you may have noticed that the shipping date is changing as more pre-orders are placed. The date you see when completing the purchase is the date valid for your order. The delivery estimate is related to several production batches due to arrive at different times in our warehouses. 

We are working hard to ship products as quickly as possible but as you’re probably aware, general availability of chips and other components has been limited this year, which is impacting us along with the rest of the tech industry. However, the estimated shipping dates shown on the website right now are precise and we are really confident there will not be any further changes.

One last word for the PS version: We plan to ship it this year as well so if you have a PS4 or PS5 then I suggest to wait.

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  • Where is Sim Racing Garage review, that won the vote?!

  • If I’m not mistaken, Barry likes to only review products once they “have hit the shelves”. He likes to dissemble the product he is reviewing, to get an idea of the inside workings. That’s just his preference.

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    Please refer to the update on this blog post.

    [Fanatec Community Manager]

  • Thanks for Playstation info, I hope preorders for that version also comes in waves like this one

  • yesterday I made my pre-order .. today the news that for those who play on consoles it is better to wait. Of course, I could do it .. but there are devices on the market that bypass compatibility and I was thinking of using one of these. This news changes things a bit (I am inclined to a compatible product from birth), I believe to be fair that consumers could have been informed first and not later. I sent a message to the sales department (I hope it is right) to know how to do it since the payment has already been made

  • If you were reading the newsletters and updates you woild notice that first batches were not PS compatible and that maybe would be available later this year.

    but in the meantime you tusched to pre-order the PC - Xbox ready unit that is to be deliverwd sept onwards 🤦🏼‍♂️

  • Consumers were definitely made aware. Seems you just didn’t pay attention, or read any material about the product beforehand.

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    Hi guys,

    quick question: can I use my old Porsche Wheel Shifter Set (PW_SS) with the new DD stuff?



  • With this cable it should work:

    SP Pedals/Shifter Cable (2.0m) PS/2 – RJ12 | Fanatec

    On my CSL Elite V1.1 i'm using the Porsche SQ shifter with a similar adaptercable.

  • @Steven Thx for feedback. But is CSL Elite comparable to CSL DD?

  • I think yes, but i will try it when i get my CSL DD in mid september :)

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    Did you see any official statement? I use that Shifter primarily as a handbrake for my Porsche GTR2 Wheel. I do not want to buy a „real“ handbrake for 100+ in addition to CSL DD+8nm+wheel... budget is limited ;)

  • Shame that I was eligible for wave 1, signed up for newsletter and been receiving them, never got the emails, couldn't purchase it. Managed to get it now, but looks like I'm waiting a long, long time.

  • That's cool, but when will pricing and release date for the BMW M4 GT3 wheel be announced? #vaporware

  • So I ordered a csl dd, csl pedals and a McLaren gt3 v2. When confirming the order it stated that it would all ship together "which is what I want as it's my first wheel/wheelbase" with an expected date of Sept 24th.

    Now I recieved the following email from fanatec.

    Dear Customer,


    Thank you for ordering the CSL Elite Steering Wheel McLaren GT3 V2.


    We’re happy to say that you should receive this product earlier than the original estimated availability date.

    Once the order leaves our warehouse, your tracking number will be shown in your customer account.

    Hoping it's just a auto-generated email since they've changed the way the wheel ships in a separate box to the quick release, as having the wheel before September is pointless to me as I have no wheelbase, and would eat into my warranty period on it, and possibly incure a 2nd lot of admin charges from ups.

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    I ordered my CSL DD with 8nm Boost Kit on Wave One (USA) with an availability date of Sept 6. I just checked my order and it now tells me that the Boost Kit won't be available until Nov 8! At this point, it would make more sense for me to get it with a 5nm PSU and buy the 8nm PSU later. Saving $20 on a combo kit to make me wait 2 mos longer to be able to use it absolutely makes no sense. If possible, please clarify on the Facebook page below as many are now wondering the same. Tks!

    Facebook Fanatec Owners page posting same topic:


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    Hi Reginald,

    Don't worry, the Boost Kit 180 date is currently a placeholder to resolve a technical issue with the site. It's the CSL DD date that is the correct one.

    [Fanatec Community Manager]

  • ^^This, again - Any reason Fanatec refused to answer questions about this wheel?

    Is it coming?


    How much?

    You have the answers - please let your customers know - there are currently no Podium wheels available!

  • why should they answer the questions when they maybe don't have estimated dates at all?

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    They shouldn't...

    Problem is that some customers believe that they are entitled to know everything for a company, while in such cases they are entitled jack shit IMO....

    Release dates, prices, reason of delay or any other info of a NEW product (that is not out in the market, that YOU haven't bought yet) or ordered it) is up to the company what they will say and when.... Simple as that.... Not when someone is asking....

  • The product has been announced, and at the time they gave a date which is still advertised on the product page. They are going to miss that date, no reason they can't update customers. It has nothing to do with entitlement - just want an update on a product that they made a big splash about 7 months ago. They have pricing information and ship dates for every product they have announced since then, so don't pretend like it is some crazy request.

  • prices and final release dates are always given when the launch is right around the corner. I agree they could give an official update, but you have to respect the way Fanatec releases price and release date information. They've always done it this way and they will keep doing it like that.

  • I appreciate your opinion, but I guess I just respectively disagree with you here - they have announced several products since December, and this is the only one where they have not followed up with details. We know the expected date and price of every product announced AFTER this one.

    My goal is not to be argumentative or troll Fanatec - they have made some interesting announcements with the CSL DD and have been unfairly attacked for pricing that is quite good.

    But they announced this product and projected a release date. I am not mad or complaining about them missing that date - it happens. Just interested in the product and would like updated info and to make sure it is still coming. And I feel this forum is the correct place to request that info.

    I think they know the answers - keep in mind this is going into real cars that should be on track starting this month. Obviously I expect that we'll have to wait for them to fulfill those orders before we can get them for our Sim rigs - I assume we can at least agree on that! 😛

  • I don't respect the way Fanatec does much of anything from a customer service standpoint, to be frank. That's why I don't come in these forums very often. But the lack of information on this wheel takes the cake for the incompetence they've shown over the past 18 months or so. We didn't say Q2 - they did.

  • Less is more

  • Hello

    Will the PS4 PS5 compatible version of CSL DD be released in Japan?

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