DD1 weird feeling "sticky magnets"

Hi All,

I bought a second hand DD1 so I'm not sure how a brand new DD1 would feel but coming from a CSW 2.5 I find this base feeling very weird. I know about the "issue" with outrunner motors and that you can feel the individual magnets. I also read everywhere that it would almost dissapear when you turn on the base. But for me, it does not feel that way. I can't really describe it any better than saying that the magnets feel "sticky", it is not something I can get used to since it feels so "present". When making small steering adjustments (when you are basically "shaking" the wheel left and right in a corner), the feel of those magnets just feels very obvious. When driving in a straight line and only doing minor steering adjustments it also feels like there is a resistance "over" the magnet, like it is stuck and then it loosens again when you pass over the magnet.

I just can't get my head around the fact that a +1000 euro base feels "cheap" compared to the CSW 2.5 I had before. So is there a way to test what I'm feeling in my base is normal, or if there is indeed something wrong with it?


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    maybe something to add, the "sticky" feeling I'm describing is worse when the base is ON. When it is powered off I can feel the magnets, but they do not feel "sticky". When powered on, it almost feels like the motor wants to stick and you have to pull it over the "magnet" to release it again. That release is something you can really feel in the wheel, almost if it rubs against something slightly. Very hard to describe what I actually feel...

  • Try erasing the motor calibration

  • What are your base settings? Maybe one of the settings is wrong that causes this issue.

  • Damn, I had deleted the motor calibration before but redid it every time. After I read another post on the forums I saw allot of people delete it but don't redo the calibration. That got rid of the "stickyness" I described completely. Very strange since when I click delete calibration it reads something along the lines of "delete anti cogging calibration" or something. And it coggs far less with this calibration removed! The feeling in the wheel is so much better now since that stickyness was ruining the experience so much for me..

    What is that calibration supposingly doing then? Since the feeling is obviously better without it...

  • It is supposedly doing the opposite of what it is actually doing. 🤣

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