Hello hello everyone!

Hello! First post!

Never owned a FFB wheel before, but no longer so ... ο»ΏπŸ€”

I heard the CSL DD was available at wave 1. So I registered for the newsletter and set up an account on the Fanatec website, hoping that I will be eligible for wave 2. When I heard that wave 2 was out, I checked the website but the CSL DD was not listed. But then, somehow, I just logged into my account and, hey presto, it is there!

Pre-ordered it with the CSL pedals and the cheapest wheel I could get, which was the McLaren GT3.

Been playing for free for almost the last 1 year, casually, on RaceRoom, on keyboards... I know I know...

Was going to get a second hand CSL Elite but the prices on ebay have been ridiculous!!! And just chance upon the discussion on the new CSL DD.

So any tips will be appreciated but it is still more than 4 months to go before it will be dispatched from Germany.

Cheers and all the best. πŸ‘οΈ


  • Hi David,

    Welcome, and thank you for your order!

    One thing that hasn't been emphasised enough in the recent previews is the revised Tuning Menu for the CSL DD, which has a simplified 'Standard' Mode ideal for beginners who just want to plug in and drive without being overwhelmed with too many settings.

    If you want to fine-tune the behaviour, you'll need to be in the Advanced Mode to have access to the full Tuning Menu. Of course we try to provide sensible default values for everything, but with so many sims and so many types of vehicles, there is no perfect setting. Much of it is about personal preference anyway. We'll be updating our Recommended Settings on the forum for popular games in due course.

    We'll also be releasing more informational videos about the CSL DD in the coming months.

    [Fanatec Community Manager]

  • Hi Dom,

    Maybe it would help if on the website for the CSL DD product you could upload for the users the Full manual.

    Yesterday that I have checked was only in the download section of the DD the fanalab and drivers 402 (while in the bundle unit with the booster Kit there was not even a download section) πŸ˜‰

  • Thank you for that. Good place to start and tweak from there. We are all different with different preferences and so a starting point is all I want and to change one setting at a time to see how it feels. Just need to invest some time in it. Looking forward to it!

    I am sure once we get closer to the shipping date of the base, we will see the manual or guide.

    On another note, received an email, my McLaren GT3 wheel ordered may be sent out earlier! Really? Would be good to get my hands on it!

    And I have just purchased ACC (discounted on Steam) as well, so all ready to go. Just hoping the dispatched date will be brought forward from mid-Oct!!! Fingers crossed!

    Much appreciated Fanatec!

  • Having read installation/firmware/driver guides etc. Is this my procedure? PC user ONLY.

    After getting the hardware, I should check for latest drivers for both the base and wheel? Pedals no drivers I presume?

    If there is any to update, do 1 at a time. If just the base, then no need for the wheel to be attached? Then the wheel if required?

    Only after all that do I use Fanalab to tweak additional settings? Seems windows firmware also has some tuning options/settings?

    Thank you for any input.

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