McLaren GT3 V2 - Warranty Expiration Date

So now that the GT3 wheels are shipping early (Thanks for that. Just got the email.) I noticed that the warranty expiration date is one year from the date of purchase (which for me was just under 2 months ago), vs one year from the date processed to be shipped (i.e. today or even yesterday)

Is this normal? Do I need to do anything to get that changed?

As a weird side-note, The BoostKit for the CSL DD has already been shipped and I'll get that today? And my pre-order for the CSL DD is still set for Sept 6th.


  • It's just a Website Display issue.

    Warranty starts the Day the product is shipped.

  • I just realized when reading this, I'm in a bit of a situation. I've ordered a McLaren rim along with the CSL DD, as I assume many others have as well.

    The rim has a one year warranty that starts from date of shipment, right? It ships the end of June, but it's going to be sitting in its box for four months in my bedroom until the CSL DD arrives, as I have no way of using it before then.

    That's four months of warranty coverage down the drain before I ever get started. Honestly, if there's any way possible to just have Fanatec hold on to my McLaren rim, and *not* ship it until the CSL DD is also ready, I think I'd prefer that.

  • I doubt it. More than likely your best bet would be to cancel the order for the Wheel and reorder it later. As you see in this thread, as is across the forum, people are worried about the warranty when the product doesn’t ship and the warranty starts. Now, I’m seeing people worried about the same but in reverse, now that the product is shipping early.

  • Yeah I contacted support just now, but think I'm probably out of luck. My account is showing that the order for the rim processed, and the Cancel Order button is greyed out. I just hate the idea of losing 25% of the warranty time with the rim just sitting there unused until the DD shows up. 😕

  • No, doubt. And I did not mean to sound snarky. Kinda feel like it came off that way. Sorry. Keep your fingers crossed, maybe you’ll hear back from them, and get good news.

  • Did you place separate orders for the rim and the wheelbase then? As when I pre ordered my csl dd and the McLaren gt3 v2 it said that nothing would ship until everything is in stock to ship together?

  • Yeah, they were separate orders. I did the McLaren rim first, as soon as they announced the requirements for Wave 1, hoping that maybe there was a chance I'd get in. (There wasn't.) So when wave 2 rolled around, that's when I ordered the DD. Warranty coverage for the rim and the fact that i could potentially be losing months of it while waiting for the DD to arrive, never crossed my mind.

    Anyway, I just got confirmation that the order shipped, so I'm SOL. I think what I may just wind up doing now is selling this rim to someone who can use it, and then placing an order for another one so that it'll arrive closer to my DD's expected arrival time in late September.

  • Damn, that’s a bummer. Definitely put it up on this forum, and also just keep an eye out for people wanting to buy. Being that it’s availability is late August, and it is a popular wheel, you should have some good luck.

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    I hope so. I'm going to wait until I hear back with official word from Fanatec before I make a decision on what to do, but I'm honestly not expecting they'll be willing to do much, if anything at this point.

    I mean, I guess I should have known that the rim would arrive first, but I don't think it was clear at the time when I pre-ordered the DD just how long I would have to wait between the arrival of the rim and the arrival of the base. Had the warranty situation been made clear at the time, and had i known that I'd be waiting a few months as opposed to weeks, I most likely would have just waited and done everything in one order.

  • Just got this email from Fanatec Customer Support. Cheers to them for being cool about it. Seems like they're willing to be flexible. 👍

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