Help me with the dd1 firmware error.

My dd1 keeps getting firmware errors.

I've done computer formatting, I've done everything I can to port, but I can't work it out. I need help.


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    The same type of thing happened to me. Initially, I thought I'd bricked the base. You can try 2 things together.

    1. Unplug wheelbase at pc end and (if plugged into usb 3) use usb 2. I tried every usb slot and after re-plugging, attempted the firmware until it "hooked".

    2. Re-install usb drivers and allow it to detect the wheelbase again. Try firmware.

    3. Use firmware 381. That one worked for me and is problem free.

    Hope you get it going.

    P.s. if you get a ping error after each attempt, you must uninstall the driver, restart pc and re-install again with base in a different usb slot.

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