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Is there any kind of date you will have these back in stock?


  • Please do tell Fanatec.

  • Top Secret 🙄

  • I have learned from support that cross-region sales/stock transfers are infeasible. As to the OP's question, support also tells me that they are "...working to return this item to stock."

    I am too new to Fanatec to gauge what timeframes are normative for these matters. Days, Weeks, Months? I don't know. I do think if all of your premium and mid-range wheels are unavailable, it can't be good for business or reputation. I know it is very hard to get a hold of items these days and perhaps Fanatec is suffering from circumstances like everyone else.

    I dunno.

  • Now it´s on stock.

  • Awesome to see that......here is my money!!

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