Hi, I’ve been playing on F1 2020 and Dorza on my xbox on my Logitech g920 for about 6montha now and I want to start playing ‘proper’ sim games and I was wondering if people thought that IRacing is worth the money or if there is any alternatives I haven’t heard of that may be good. Thanks.


  • Sorry, just reading back I made a few typos. Hope that’s fine. :)

  • Moving to iRacing means moving to a proper PC. If you'll like to stay on the console, consider ACC for instance.

    For me, iRacing is absolutely worth the money, however you'll have to be willing to stay competitive against others (including aliens and idiots). The Ai competitors are not worth it and only available for limited tracks/cars. If a PC is at hand, just give it a try with the free content and decide then.... But keep in mind, that you'll have to work up your way to the top licenses, so you're limited to the rookie class at the beginning.

  • Thanks Michael, I’ll have a go at the free content as you recommended and I’ll see how it goes. Thank you for your help.

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