Why no combined shipping for hubs?

Now that you are shipping the quick release separate from the hub, you are charging for two shipping packages. Before with the QR attached to the hub there was a natural combined shipping.

Frankly that's BS!


  • are you sure that's the case? usually you pay for one shipping for one order, independing from the number of packages.

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    I just bought a Podium Hub and was charged $24.68 USD to go from California to Nevada

    Before it would have been about $12. USD

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    Just placed order for Podium Hub and Magnetic Paddle...shipping 32,14eur 😕

    Sure shipping prices are gone up in one year...maby it´s better order from local supplier in future, it´s cheaper.

    I send mail to sales department.

    It can´t be true, ordered multiple times and also several packages at one time and never been so high delivery cost.

    25 eur at most, like Podium Racing Wheel F1 and other products at same order.

    Please refund it.

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    hmm strange, if I was to order a Podium Hub now I would still pay the same for shipping. Maybe the general prices have changed in the US.

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    Within the last month, I bought 3 separate items from Fanatec

    Magnetic Paddles - shipping $11.94

    Table Clamp v2 - shipping $11.94

    Button Caps and stickers - shipping $11.94

    See the pattern here. A flat rate of $11.94 each, even fot the heavy Table Clamp v2

    For the Podium Hub and QR, was charged $24.68

    They could tape the two packages together and charge $11.94

  • Fanatec Customer Service:

    "We are bound to contracts with UPS and we can´t do nothing for the high of this delivery costs."

    So that contract seems to be that they charge every packet separately.

    That´s only company which I know that do like that, all others pack small boxes to one bigger and charge delivery cost only once.

    Most webshops offer free delivery from German to Finland, specially if it cost hundreds of euros.

  • I got about the same response. Customer Service refused to do anything about it.

    I won't be buying anymore hubs from Fanatec. I just placed a order from SRM for a couple of emulators. Simon does combine shipping

  • Very strange.... Are you sure you didn't create 3 orders for the 3 different items?

    Just added on my shopping cart the above said items and I have 1 shipping price of 41.51Euro and not 3 individual charges.

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    Here the same if I add only one item to the basket shipping is 11€. But shipping for 2 items in basket is 25€. If I only have the Podium hub in de basket with the free QR shipping is more then double with 25€. In the past only payed 11€ for shipping on a Podium Hub, already have a few of them.

    Currently I also make one order for one product. Don’t understand why combined shipping of more products is more expensive as making 2 separate orders. Ok it’s only a few euro but even then I find it strange. 2x 11€ is of course lower then 1x 25€.

  • "Bound to contracts". Whether this is actually true or not, atleast we got an answer.

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    It is a combined exercise unfortunately that has to with the total volumetric or total kg of the shipment and of course the minimum charges, which one will be more expensive volume or kgs etc etc. So it is not as easy to tape 2-3 packages together and ship.

    Shipping companies (either couriers, logistics, airfreight, containers etc) have a shit load of fine printing allowing them to overcharge.

    Not to mention now that they make a ton of money from freights being over the roof.... To the consumer might not show but companies who shipping a lot of stuff are being overcharged massively for the past 6-7 months.

  • Only solution I see to the policy change of shipping hub and quick release separately that is fair to us simmers so we don't have to pay double freight, is for Fanatec to place them both in a Fanatec branded shipping container. Just for hubs and QR.

    Apparently taping two boxes together is a violation to the shippers.


    PS: Since I thought of it, I want my $11.94 refunded back to my PayPal.

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