Is fanatec getting worse !

Is fanatec getting worse !

So I have a few different items from fanatic, but this year, I wanted the csl dd and a gt3 wheel, currently the wheel is pre order September and the csl dd is November, and that’s if your lucky to get one, I got an email from fanatic saying to pre order the cls dd and would have been in the first wave, just 2 hours after I got the e-mail I went and logged in and it was not showing, then it said its sold out, and the expected pre order was 8th sep for csl gt3 v2 wheel, the cls dd Nov 23, 2021 after looking at other items ”wheel” rims out of 36 shown only 8 show as available, and the wheel bases only the dd2 shows as available, so basically they are out of 80% of their stock and are expecting people to lay out cash and wait up to and beyond 4 to 5 months, I have emailed fanatic on a number of occations but not once have I had a reply, it’s seems that they don’t care about the customer base as they are at the top of the food chain as far as sim equipment but I can see that changing in the very near future if they continue this way, comments ?



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    Comments? That's how 2021 is going.

    Shortage EVERYWHERE.

    No GPUs available, no Next-Gen Consoles available, no nothing in the tech world available.

    I suggest you Google "Chip shortage 2021" and then you know what's going on everywhere in the World.

  • Thanks for your input but, I find that the pandemic is only a small part of the issue, having been a manager for both Sony and Microsoft, there are a lot of factors other than blindly see post about the pandemic has caused it all, there are other factors like factories burning down, the issue in Egypt, bad planning, poor communication’s, I find it interesting that simicube and thrustmasters just to name a couple don’t seem to be having the same issues, they have stock ?? and as for gpu’s and cpu’s not being available that’s not true there out there.

  • Comments:

    Besides the fact that your post is asinine, you should try using sentences.

  • Even bicycles are in shortage. Cheap ones fine. The good quality with high specification parts, some with availability only in 2022.

    When you got your 1st email in the 1st wave, apparently a lot of customers had that same problem too but they kept trying various ways to get the item to show up.

    I was not eligible for 1st wave but wanted the CSL DD and so I registered for the newsletter and started an account on the website. When news of the 2nd wave was out. I did not get an email nor could I see the CSL DD being available on the website without logging into my account. But that changed when I decided to log in and it was a pre-order. 19 Oct is my date for base, wheel and pedal. 1st wave customers getting them 1 month earlier in Sep 2021.

    I was prepared to get a belt driven base from ebay before I heard of the CSL DD being under £350. Sounds pretty fair to me.

    If they do not have stock, there is no way to send out the item. It is still being manufactured. How will they get it to you if you do not pre-order? If you do not wish to pre-order then just hang on till they have them in stock and you can pay and they will be dispatched.

  • Well I forgot to add, if you have nothing constructive to say or are a troll don’t bother to comment, As comments like that Joshua Parsons, just shows what a guardian reading lefty with no personality or constructive input would say, and for those who have added constructive comments thanks, the rest can go back to playing gran turismo now.

    Edit: don’t bother to reply I wont see it. 😊

  • Try Simucube, which I believe is the top of the crop at the moment, or if you can wait another week or so, see what Thrustmaster's new wheelbase is all about. Even if it's not a DD, I believe technology in belt drive bases are advancing with similar results to DDs. Throw in a few bass shakers and you have a good all round effect. I had a DD1 which bricked it and was replaced. My new one works ok, apart from the on-going jolts, which they can't seem to fix. Overall I think Fanatec are ok, but reliability is worrying and they will lose a lot of customers as a result, particularly when the competition opens up even more. As for worldwide shortages CPUs, GPUs etc are all available, but you will pay top dollar at the moment.

  • People disagreeing with you isn't trolling. just for the record. If you would have informed yourself a little better, you would have known better about the chip shortages, and this hasn't much to do with they pandemic anymore.

  • Fanatec customer service has always been pretty good, in my experience. They say they'll get back in 3-5 business days, and it's usually been even less than 3 before I receive a reply. And when I do, they've always tried to be helpful and courteous.

    Maybe OP just needs to ask more nicely? 🤷‍♂️

  • i will order my CSL DD 2022 because i wanna avoid the waiting

  • Good idea - wait until next year to avoid waiting until October.🤣

  • So 75% of the advertised stock is out of stock but they advertise the new shiny Bentley wheel even though you can't get the basics from fanatec ?? go figure, ill be swapping to Simucube at least they have stock for this year !!

  • What's wrong with announcing a new wheel even though Chip shortage leads to currently low stock worldwide for everything in the tech industry?!

  • no disrespect but it's not worldwide, if it were worldwide how is it other companies still have stock across the board ?, simicube, thrustmasters , simtechracing,, simtag, AccuForce, Augury H Kit (OSW) just to name a few not being a fanatic fan boy I do look at other manufactures and the quality of fanatic has been getting worse since this all started.

  • How may of those companies just announced a brand new product?

    Of those that did, are they shipping enough of those products to meet world wide demand?

    Of those that didn't announce anything new, how much stock do they have on hand to meet spikes in demand?

    About Fanatec's quality. Some swear by Fanatec, others swear at Fanatec. The same can be said for any company on this planet. I am sure they all rubbed someone the wrong way.

  • So do all other companies in the whole worldwide industry... if you dislike Fanatec, then it seems a good idea to get rid of your Fanatec stuff and move on. I don't know why you keep pointing at Fanatec...

  • It is all about supply and demand isn't it? We do not actually know how many products each of those companies are making in a month. Nor how many are they selling in a month.

    Maybe simucube anticipated increase in sales and so manufactured more and so they have more in stock... or Fanatec had such an increase in demand that they were not able to increase production and so everything is sold-out. As in any other company out there, they definitely want to make money and so I do not think they are intentionally reducing production to keep everything "out-of-stock".

  • i could order but will you know every Preorder gets delivered?

    if things run worse you can wait very long

  • ok lets see, i put in an order for the cls DD with the better power supply, the sale date is 5th jul 2021 ill come back to this when it gets delivered, to give you a time line, ill be supprised if its here before xmas......

  • I thought you were going to switch to Simucube? That is what you said in your previous post(see below). So…..what happened?

  • i have one of the simicube pro v2 on the way as we speak :) delivery date is 14th of this month so at least i have a DD :) the reason i put in an order is to prove a point, and it will be nice to have one on my second rig which i use as a flight sim :), as im in no hurry now as the simicube will be here shortly, and they have everything instock...... go figure.

  • The point is, Using the lean production system is I good system to use but it lack’s foresight and fast adjustment to volatile market trends, this is where a good management foresight comes in to play, and this is what I’m seeing from Fanatec, that’s why the test purchase , if you know anything about production and KPI’s you will understand, having worked for both Microsoft and Sony, I have a better insight than most, so when I make a comment about poor management, and a lack of foresight, it’s due to experience not just trolling for the sake of it.

  • Wow - impressive, you sound like a real expert. Maybe send your CV to Fanatec?🤣

  • I don’t know why you keep insisting to using the word trolling. No one said that’s what you were doing. I guess I’m just a dummy, because I still don’t get why you made the “test purchase”. I just don’t see how your test will help you prove or disprove point. Maybe you can explain in layman’s terms.

  • Ok in laymen’s term’s, when I discovered Fanatec the customer service was good the quality for their equipment was second to none in sim racing circles, item choice was good and availability was great, dispatch and shipping was good, even though it had to come from Europe, to the uk, Now to my point, see original post, & I get an email saying there is a 3 wave sales system in place due to low stock availability, and there is a criteria of which I more than qualify, after getting 2 emails telling to order not 2 hours after item release they are out of stock, Ref cls DD and the GT3 wheel, and continue to get these emails asking for me to pre order, & checking for alterative wheels they were over 75% out of stock of all items “reference the poor management of the production” and please don’t give me “it’s due to covid” when other companies have managed to overcome this issue, part of my job for Sony was production manager for the ps3 ps4, and overseeing a repair centre for acer laptops, ps2 ps3 ps4 repairs, and for Microsoft I was an engineer and over saw the repair centre in Hampshire uk for the xbox, and the test purchase is A] to see if and when the item actually arrives, B] I have 2 rig’s one for sim racing the other for a flight sim, and if and when the dd from fanatic turns up I can use it on my second rig for when friends come round for a bit of fun racing.

  • Ok, fair points for being upset about the CSL DD release fiasco and product availability. I don’t get your “if and when” comments. I can the see the “when” part but, you make it seem as if you WON’T receive a product at all.

  • Ok here is a small point and try and work this out.

    EU DD pre order date Nov 23rd , 2021 ~ boost kit sep 15th 2021 pre order bundle kit Nov 23rd

    USA DD pre order date Nov 8th 2021 ~ boost kit Sep 6th  2021 pre order bundle Nov 8th

    Japan DD Pre order date Nov 2nd 2021 ~ Boost kit Sep 20th 2021 pre order bundle kit Nov 23rd

    Aus DD Pre order date Nov 11th 2021 ~ Boost kit Sep 23rd 2021 pre order bundle kit  Nov 11th  

    ???? lol

  • I am still confused as to why you even want to make a point, to whom you are making it to, and what that point could be? If you wanted to make any point, you did when you ordered the Simucube and got a delivery date within the month you placed the order. Your point would have been loud and clear, but you went and reneged buy ordering the CSL-DD. Why spend money on a product with a company that angered you? And more importantly, why waste the time and energy riffing about it on that company's forum/blog site? It makes no sense.

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