Price reduction on Universal HUB

I see the new v2 HUB being introduced at a cheaper price and the OG HUB is still priced higher and has the worse OG shifters.

I think people will hold off buying the old v1 and get the better updated v2.

Saying that, if Fanatec reduce the v1 price i think they will have a better chance to move the old stock, otherwise i think they will be stuck with old stock.



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    They probably didn’t change the price yet because the v1 hub is available right away. For the v2 you need to wait till October. Plus only Australia has stock of the v1 hub in all other regions it’s sold out.

    So they probably will lower the price when they still have stock and the new one is in stock and ready to ship.


  • I presume you are referring to the clubsport universal hub? EU site only have the V2 listed. OP, are you in Australia? How much is it listed? V1 vs V2?

  • Yeah mate, i'm an Aussie :) Turns out its the non Xbox Hub that is cheaper . Xbox for Xbox is the same just the better shifters. As a PC user i don't need or want that X on mine.

  • They come with extra buttons to customise to your preference.

    But I know what you mean about the "X" or "PS"... 😉 Am a PC user myself and actually do not like any link to the Xbox or PlayStation.

    Unfortunately the McLaren GT3 V2 wheel (that is on its way to me) is made for Xbox and so the 1st thing to do, is to swap out the buttons, but nothing I can do about the "Xbox" wording on the box itself and everywhere around it... Just got to try to block it out of my head. 🙄

  • On the McLaren rim itself there is no sign of console once you remove the funky switch button cap ;) Great rim, i love mine.

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