Is it safe to place a pre order?

I would like to place an order but reading about all the issues going on I don't know if I should. But then again I would like to get on the pre-order list before they run out of product again. Any new info out there about when they might be up again, or anyone having luck placing orders?


  • I’m in the same boat... looking to spend upwards of 2k on new sim racing gear, but the fear of reading all the issues is giving me pause....

    if if there was someway to ensure we had visibility to every step of the process that would make it much easier to pull the trigger. I don’t mind waiting a month or 2 if there is visibility.

    my 2011 CSR just gave up the ghost and is de-centering itself...

    how accurate are the preorder lead times? If I order today will I actually get a shipped confirmation on the posted availability date?

    need some confidence restored here.

  • I ordered a bundle on March 17th and haven't heard a damn thing from them! I emailed sales on Tuesday and still haven't heard from them! I just want to know where I stand. Am I on the pre order list or not, has part of my order been sent!? If it has I haven't received it. I haven't received any tracking and zero communication! If we're spending thousands of dollars you think they would be considerate and keep us in the loop! I don't care if we're in a pandemic or not! They could have a few dedicated workers at home just answering emails all damn day!

  • Stories like yours scare me Bill...

    its a big reason why I haven’t purchased anything. Clear communication, is free, easy and goes a long way to maintain customer confidence.

    just hammering through orders without communicating to new customers is tough to swallow. If I was spending 100.00 bucks I could see there being less staff... but this is 2k per customer on average. Put some of that to good use and address your community with a transparent update.

  • Yeah I tried to pre order and look where that got me

  • I ordered a few weeks ago... i ONLY ordered items listed as IN STOCK. I got ps4 podium and r300 podium wheel delivered about 2 weeks later... only delay was actually from fedex over the weekend... id say as long as you dont order anything thats delayed or on backorder you will be fine... this is my 2nd purchase in 10 years from fanatec... what you will never get is prompt email replies... what you will get is a tracking number and high quality gear. While i need a shifter and ebrake... both r backordered... i dont trust preorder ship dates tbh but im going to preorder as covid 19 has made the world motorsports industry buy sim gear. If its in stock... just bite the bullet and order it... if its backordered and you wait... you may Have wait 2 rounds of orders. I fear i may get a rude awakening on the shifter and ebrake but still ordered

  • I’ve ordered since April 21st for a shifter and I haven’t heard 1 thing back from them, from my experience don’t even bother.

  • I had a good experience of a recently placed order (May 2, 2020) with all items being in stock that were ordered. I received them on May 8th in Texas all together, I received an email on May 5th stating the order would be shipped soon (2 business days after purchase) and believe they were shipped one day later on the 6th.

  • Mark I would run away from Fanatec with any pre orders. If it is in stock you "might" be okay and get it within a few days to a few months. If you do decided to order ANYTHING that is preorder make sure you order that in a different order. If not you will be stuck in your order is "processing" hell. Great amazing product... poor shipping and service. We put up with it because the options are so few...

  • Very frustrated. Placed USA order on April 29...CSL Elite racing wheel, pedals and load cell kit. Wheel was on preorder for May 15, pedals available. Emailed Fanatec about my order on May 18. They replied with generic email. Tried calling several times...nothing. My concern now is that by the time the wheel is in stock the pedals may be preorder. Can’t speak to a human at Fanatec. Checked my order status this morning....preorder is now June 12th. I hear Fanatec has great products, but customer service is crap!! You would think they would at least have some notice or update on their website about the crappy shipping!!!

    I see they have donated a lot of masks, which is great, but that also tells me there must be a lot of upset customers not getting the products they paid for.

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