Keybinding across multiple wheels


I love the idea of owning multiple wheels to use the proper one for each car but the fact that I need to rebind my buttons every time I'm swapping them is a real chore.

I honestly believe it's hampering the sales of your wheels because whenever I talk about this aspect on Racedepartment or Reddit, everyone is annoyed by it.

Is there any way Fanatec could implement some "universal" keybind option (via Fanalabs for example) so that one could just set some keys in-game and then apply them to the desired buttons on each wheel?

If this could be combined with the ability to make the different wheels be seen as one single entity by the game, it would even permit us to swap wheels for game that don't offer this option like AMS2.

Thanks in advance.


  • An universal keybinding won't be possible, I guess.,

    But depending on the sim you're playing, there might be other options. Within (AC, not sure) and ACC you could save different profiles for input devices. Originally designed for different wheelbases, you could use this for different wheels/key bindings.

    At iRacing this is a little tricky (same topic for me...): First of all, when entering a training, free driving, race, etc. you'll have to go to options and activate the check box "individual controls" at the bottom left for each car. Then set the key bindings for one of your wheels for the specific car. You'll have to do this for each car you're owning..... After this is done, you'll find a file called "control.ini" at the usual vehicle's setup folder from iRacing. Copy this file, rename the copy like "control_formula.ini" and keep it at the setup folder. Afterwards, swap the wheel and re-do the key bindings. Again, copy the new control file to e.g. "control_GT.ini". This way, you'll have two files for each car and each wheel, which you'll have to copy and rename to the original "control.ini" depending on the wheel you're using.

    However, if you're using only one specific wheel for a certain car, the check box "Individual settings" at the options will be enough.....

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    I checked all the wheel manuals PC button mapping and placed a colored Fanatec Button cap on all of the same numbers. Even went to the trouble of disassembling and reorganizing the pre-colored BMW M3 GT2 buttons to match (or just place a cap over the existing color), Now when switching a wheel, the assignments in games are the same.

    Caps are as follows

    1 = white (example assigned as TC- in all games)

    2 = red (example assigned to pit limiter in all games)

    3 = orange

    4 = green

    5 , 6 are paddles

    7 = white (example assigned as TC+ in all games)

    8 = cyan

    9 = black

    10= black (example assigned as ABS- in all games)

    11= white (example assigned to view in all games)

    12= blue

    22= yellow

    26= black (example assigned as ABS+ in all games)

    These are common among all wheels. Extra buttons on newer wheels assign as needed.

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