Brand New Podium DD1 Not Turning On

Power button only spins the fans if I hold it and doesn't ever actually turn the wheel base on. Any ideas?


  • If you push and hold the power button for some seconds, you'll enter the boot loader mode for firmware updates. That's why the fan is spinning at full speed due to safety reasons (no fan control without firmware)...

    You'll have to load/update the firmware before you can start and use the base now. The procedure is described at the full manual foud on the product page at the downloads section.

  • Does bootloader mode work differently on DD1 wheels than it does (did?) on CSW v2.5? If you accidentally activated bootlader mode you could just unplug the wheel, plug it in again and start it up normally (by pressing the power button shortly)?

  • My CSL Elite Ps4 died almost the same way. Tired to update the firmware and it failed. Used to flash red and blue but got stuck that way for a while and now I have to hold the power button to get anything from it. No recovery. No bootloader. Nothing. Contacted Fanatec support and expect a quick response.

  • I'm having the same exact issue the fan will spin when I hold it but nothing else goes on can't even put it into bootloader mode.

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