Support page issue

Ive been trying to make a support ticket for about and hour now and I cant figure out whats going on. I log into the website, my account, my products, select my wheelbase and it takes me thru some basic faq troubleshooting. Then it takes me to the actual page where you type in the issues in the required fields, firmware ect and add pictures/video. I did all that and checked the little box on the bottom to agree the terms, click send ticket and the page just resets everyime. I thought it might of been timing me out but I got everything typed in really quick after about the 17th time and still resets the page.


  • Did you try with a different browser?

  • Yes, I have tried with firefox, and Microsoft Edge which is my default browser, I downloaded google chrome and tried still getting the same results. Finally just went on my cell phone and logged into the support page that way, I was able to request a support ticket that way.

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