Disable auto firmware update for DD1 base


is it possible to disable auto firmware update on Fanatec base ? I have the Podium F1 Wheel, I use it on my PC and at any time the automatic update starts and the consequence is the base is disconnected and wheel starts to turn very quickly and very hard alone... twice it happens in game, very embarrassing and dangerous...

I search any topic about that, but don't found any one.

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  • There is no Auto-firmware-update feature.

    It's an issue specific to iRacing and Doesnt happen in any other game and which nobody knows yet why it happens and it's under investigation.

    Nothing you can do other than waiting for a fix either from Fanatec or from iRacing.

    Question though: do you use other 3rd party Apps like SimHub, irFFB or something and do you have the vibration feature enabled within the iRacing settings?

  • I don't use any third party app, only Fanalab.

    I only play F1 2020, never played iRacing.

  • Up, nobody else get this issue?

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