DD1 loosing strength in ACC....

Hello all,

I'm out off options and really need some support regarding this issue...

When I'm playing ACC with my DD1 everything is working like it should be and the feeling is perfect with all the settings on the recommended levels [in-game and on the base].

When I'm playing on an online server everything is working perfectly again in the practice mode but when the game proceeds to the qualifying mode fore some reason the FF isn't as strong as it should be and also the overal feeling isn't the same anymore.

It's like the FF is less than 30% when the qualifying has started in comparison to the practice mode and also in the race the FF is that low.... The display on the base is still showing high torque on that moment.

When I'm playing offline everything is perfect in all stages of a race weekend...

I have already changed the settings for the USB ports as well, so they can't go in an lower strength output after some time..

I'm using fanalab.

When I'm playing at a friend's place I can feel that his DD1 is performing like it should be in all stages of an online race.

Any ideas??????

Thanks for your support.


  • Hi Dimitri,

    My first reaction is that this sounds like an issue specific to your PC or your particular installation of ACC, or perhaps an ACC bug, rather than being a Fanatec issue. The fact that everything works correctly in an offline session, and this problem is unique to an online quali or race mode suggests to me that it could be performance related. Perhaps there is extra CPU demand when the session switches to quali (my guess is that an online race is a bit more demanding than an offline one).

    In any case it sounds like something you should also ask about in an ACC-specific forum.

    [Fanatec Community Manager]

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    The feeling in the wheel depends on track conditions (green/fast/optimal) and from tyre conditions (pressures/temperatures) and from the car setup too.

    I dont know exactly how much in percentages it is.

  • I also have similar issue - different feeling in same game conditions, and i suspect that ffb motor power also may be dependant on room temperature.

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