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Hi Fanatec,

I’ve been waiting for some time now to buy a Fanatec rig for my PS4. However it seems like, PS4 (and PS5) support has been neglected lately. New bases and wheels keep popping up, but 0 news for PlayStation support.

It would be nice if the company issued a statement regarding future plans for PlayStation users, so we’d know if it’s worth waiting for a rig, or we should look into other alternatives. (€1799 podium is available but I don’t think everyone can afford that)

Many thanks!


  • Read the blog.

    There was already such a statement about the CSL DD :

    "....One last word for the PS version: We plan to ship it this year as well so if you have a PS4 or PS5 then I suggest to wait."

  • It would be nice if customers would read information before blindly posting.

  • Given that Fanatec is a German company and the general popularity of both PlayStation and auto racing in general in Europe, I would be on the lookout for an announcement during Gamescom at the end of August for a PlayStation compatible version of the CSL DD. I don't have any insider knowledge or anything like that, just an assumption I am making (and hoping for because I really want a PS compatible wheel to replace my aging Porsche Turbo S Wheel from 2009 😅).

  • Thank you for posting that. I knew "they said a ps version was coming" from a couple vlogs but didn't know there was an official blog available.

    I'm chomping at the bit to order one. I've ordered everything else (wheel, pedals and clamp), including the 8nm boost pack. Just need the Wheel Base and the LC kit.

    My only small concern is warranties. I don't think any of it's going to work with my G29 so I can't use any of it until I get all of it. The V2.5 wheel is supposed to arrive in October and I think the 8nm power supply is coming in November. No clue when the rest will arrive. The pedals could be on my shelf for 6-12 months before I see if they even work. A 14 day return policy sucks!

  • This might be of interest to you :

    If the packaging is ready, it's certainly very close.

    I have an order placed for the CSL DD that supposed to arrive at the end of November and I'm starting to wonder ...

    - Should I cancel it ?

    - How long does it takes to get reimbursed by Fanatec ?

    - Will this PS version be available before my currently placed order ?

    - What's exactly the content of this box ?

    - I suppose it will be completely compatible with PC and all the current wheels ?

    So many questions 😃

  • So many questions but all depends on 1 answer which is only known to Fanatec and until official release no one will go public with these info. :(

  • I've seen better looking. Of course I'm going to buy it ... but I won't be taking selfies and going on long walks on the beach with her. I might even have to keep her in the closet when friends come over.

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