Leather or leather-like WRC wheel

Hi, Fanatec

Do you have a plan to release leather or similar material version of WRC wheel? Earlier there was a CSL P1 steering wheel and as far as I remember it was made from plastic/rubber/leather-like material. I'm not a big fan of alcantara, but here is no entry level non-alcantara rim.


  • How about Hub (CSL, ClubSport or Podium) and any rim You want?

    Like this genuine leather rim:

  • Yes, it's realy good solution. I was wondering about ClubSport Steering Wheel R330 V2. It's really good rim and bundle contains Clubsport Universal Hub V2 with magnetic paddle shifters and it's compatible witch CSL DD which I plan to buy. But it's not entry level anymore because of price. Still, this is solution I have to consider.

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    The CSL Elite PS4 wheel base came with it's own wheel rim that was almost a duplicate of the CSL Elite P1 Xbox rim but with PlayStation button caps, blue stitching (instead of red), and leather grips (instead of alcantara).

    I'm holding out hope that the CSL DD PS5 base will somehow also come with a special "P1/WRC" style rim with leather grips. The hub and using any round rim is a nice feature but as you say, it is much more expensive and also adds a lot of weight. Plus I feel like the P1/WRC's d-pad and button layout is way better than the button clusters on the hub.

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    You could get the podium hub with ClubSport Magnetic Paddles and set the rim which you wish on.

    I bought this and set a Forza GT rim.

  • Sure, you *could* do that. But $500+ isn't exactly entry- level anymore, vs $200 for a WRC/P1.

  • Indeed. WRC/P1 is really reasonably priced. At this moment I think about this solution:

    That's not $500+, hub includes magnetic shifters and I can change rim in the future.

    But I really wish there was a cheaper alternative. P1 was perfect cheap rim.

  • FWIW, honestly I would stay away from the P1, whether they bring it back or even if you find it second hand. It unfortunately had a weak amounting point to the QR and pretty well documented cracking point.

  • Oh, I didn't know that. Thanks.

  • Thanks, Fanatec, big thanks!!

    This is my choice!

  • Very good choice, I have the 918 which was more expensive znd wasn't fitted with the excellent clubsport magnetic paddles and I love it.

    You won't regret your money...but you still have to wait some weeks to get it.

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