Csl windows 10

Hello guys,

i recently updated to windows 10. downloaded the latest firmware for the wheel, but when i try to play f1 2020. my wheel turns to the right and stays there. when i open up the properties it shows i have a porsche wheel and not the one i have. so i used an earlier version 3.77 i think. This works, but when i try to turn the car in the game i have to turn the wheel all the way to the right and left to turn the car. And when i try to open properties to adjust the steering the properties wont open. Any help would be greatly appreciated.



  • Hello Derek. Unable to help you with the issue.

    Just writing to let you know that the latest driver of Fanatec, also shows the WRONG wheel for me: I have a 2016 CSL Elite, and shows a Porsche wheel on the screen. General functions work, but I'm experimenting some issues in different titles...

    So it smells ... buggy😅

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