Rotary knobs on Formula V2 - Specific Values??

Is there a way, via 3rd party software or not, to use the rotary knobs on the Formula V2 as, well, rotary knobs? It seems all they are is a "switch" with a plus or minus value - meaning they aren't rotary knobs at all and just a fake/pretty way to make a simple toggle switch. Given that it seems I must be missing something as why would you add rotary knobs that can't act as rotary knobs.

I'm looking for the simple ability to have TC on one, where the position determines the amount of TC. Look at ACC I see it has bindings for buttons 37-60 that seems to be what I want but nothing happens other than plus/minus as I can tell.

So am I missing something or is this just a fake "rotary" just to look good?


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    You just have to change the MPS mode from AUTO or ENCODER to CONSTANT in the Tuning Menu, then they are 12-position-Switches.

  • Thanks for the quick reply - I now see that seeing in the Wheel properties in Windows but it won't "set" - meaning I set it to "pulse" (which seems what you actually want) but it doesn't save it - the apply button is always grey and when I click "OK" and come back in it's back to "AUTO".

    Am I missing something or do you do this somewhere else?

  • You do not want Pulse, you want CONSTANT.

    It's normal that apply button is greyed out because it directly changes the setting in the Tuning Menu of the base without the need to apply anything.

    Just open the Tuning Menu on your wheel and you will see.

  • No, no it does not. When I re-open the properties page in Windows it's right back to AUTO no matter what I set it to. So to be clear

    • Open Joystick properties
    • Select the v2.5 base
    • Select the Tuning Menu tab
    • Select CONST (or PULSE or ENC) and then click "OK"
    • reopen the v2.5 base from properties
    • select the Tuning Menu tab
    • MPS is right back to "AUTO"

    Am I missing something?

  • Oh, and to be clear other things I change in tuning (like say FFB strengh) DOES stay where I set it - just not MPS.

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    I think you are trying to change it from the Fanatec driver in windows and not from the toggle switch on the wheel...

    EDIT I remembered wrong

    Try pressing the Tunning menu button on your wheel.

    Navigate inside the menu, use the right FunkySwitch.

    Push right or left to go through the options until you find MPS and then turn the FunkySwitch to find CONST.

    Press again the tuning button and

    e voila.

  • the middle MPS controls the Clutch Paddles of the MPM, not how the two other MPS work.


    Thanks so much as that was EXACTLY what I was looking for!! Really appreciate you chiming in - now to see which works better between CONST and PULSE (from what I've read I think PULSE actually but we'll see).


  • So the Solution was exactly what I said from my first answer.....

    As said you want to Use CONSTANT and not Pulse!

  • Well sorta, you just weren't clear that it had to be done on the wheel not the driver but yep, you basically were

    As for CONST vs PULSE you, well at least I, absolutely, positively 100% want PULSE, at least that's what ACC wants as you don't want the key held down, you want it pressed once and released. There are maybe some games that do that but I haven't found it yet (that said I've only setup ACC so far).

    So yes, I absolutely wanted PULSE and NOT CONST.

    Thanks again,


  • OK.

    But everyone else uses Constant in ACC which is even recommended by both Fanatec and Kunos and which is the way to go for ACC but when Pulse is working for you and you dont want Constant... Then do it :)

  • Interesting, I didn't realize I was asking the guy that knows what "everyone else" is doing, that's awesome! Must have taken a while to compile that list, huh? Would love to see your dataset.

    The problem is by CONST continually holding the button down this screws with various macros as if I were to alt-tab out of game for some reason and come back the button would get pressed again - I mean do you generally lay something on your keyboard to press and hold the keys? The only way I'd see this being necessary would be if the game requires the button to be held - I play a lot of Elite Dangerous and there are toggles for a few commands like that like the cargo scoop - you can have it held open on press or a toggle.

    Regardless PULSE is working perfectly for me and I got my answer to thanks again for pointing me in the right direction.


  • Well to be fair, Maurice was thinking that you knew how to change the MPS from the wheel. Only reading 3 times through your posts I understood that you were trying to do it through the driver app and not from the wheel. (hence the reply from Maurice was that it was correct to be greyed out for this wheel). All I did was to go through the manual, (dust it off cause I have used my F1 wheel once), and just type what the manual was saying 😋

    And actually in the beginning I was wrong which Maurice corrected me. (hence the edit)😇

    PS. My 12-position switches in the podium F1 are also working in CONST and same in the PBME. (unless you mean a different switch).

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