F1 2020 Fanatec CSW 2.5 WAY too hard to steer

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I play F1 2020 on my Xbox Series with my Fanatec CSW 2.5. Everything works fine exept the steering.

It is way to hard to turn the wheel when driving at higher speed. While standing or only rolling, I can move the wheel without any problem. It feels realisitic I would say. But driving at higher speed makes steering uneasy. A lap at Spa Franchorchamps feels like heavy workout. I know although not untrained, I won't be able to end a 50% race with the wheel being this difficult to turn.

I use the recommended settings for my wheelbase. Could anyone tell me, which setting I need to change in order to ease turning of the wheel at higher speed? Thank you!


  • Are these the setting you use?(LOOK BELOW) If they are, I would say start with DRI setting. Adjusting it closer to 0 will get you less overall “weight” feeling, but also increases the chance of oscillations when the steering is not under load like on a long straight for example. Being at -2 already doesn’t give you a whole lot of wiggle room unfortunately. Another thing to think about is what kind of downforce setup you like to run your car at. I know each track is different, at least for my preference it is. But, if you like to run a lot of front wing then the steering will definitely get heavier when at speed. I’m sure you know that, I just wanted to throw that out as a reminder to add that to the equation. I like to run full length races and I admittedly have to stretch my arms during pit stops from time to time. I try my best to not “pause” the game, because I think that the mental stress from full focus the entire race makes the experience more “authentic”. That is absolutely just my opinion though.

    Tuning Menu Settings:


    FF 100

    SHO 100

    ABS User Preference

    DRI -02

    BRF User Preference

    FEI 080

    In-Game Settings:

    Vibration & Force Feedback: On

    Vibration & Force Feedback Strength: 70

    On Track Effects: 10

    Rumblestrip Effects: 25

    Off Track Effects: 25

    Wheel Damper: 5

    Understeer Enhance: Off

    Maximum Wheel Rotation: 360

  • Thank you very much. Changing the settings as you mentioned did the job!

    Don't know what I missed, but everything is fine now.

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