CSL Elite for PS4 RJ12 socket for pedals bad connection

I have a CSL Elite for PS4 that is connected to my Clubsport pedals via a RJ12 - RJ12 lead. The socket for this is now loose and the steering wheel is no longer recognising the pedals on start up. I have a new RJ12 lead but it hasn't helped. The connection seems a lot tighter if I put the lead into one of the two shifter sockets at the side.

On start up after wheel movements end the display shows 684 then 022 then ---. The rev limit light now lights up a split second before the numbers show. If I restart and hold the RJ12 into the socket the pedals will work and there is no rev limit light. However I use a Playseat and every time I lift the arm to get out the pedals stop working and I have to repeat the restart procedure above.

Is it possible to replace the RJ12 socket with a new one, or even better have a 30mm lead coming out with a PS/2 socket, so I can connect to pedals with a 2 metre long PS/2 to RL12 lead I have seen on Fanatec website. The lead needs to be 2.2 metres long to go from my pedals around the frame of my Playseat to the wheelbase.

I am very happy with my setup apart from this problem. I have a clamping arrangement for the pedals which is a considerable improvement on the Playseat Velcro straps. Jpegs available if required.

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