New DD1 Excessive fan operation??

Hi, I have a fairly new DD1 wheelbase used exclusively with iRacing. Everything works fine EXCEPT the fan, it's like it's got a mind of it's own. Oftentimes when I turn it on, the fan will just run on high, 4000RPM, and never slow down. This will happen without even using the wheel. Other times I can race for an hour and the thing will run quietly at 600 rpm the entire time. Sometimes it just cycles between 600 and 4000, apparently for no reason. The temperatures are always about the same too.

See the image below. Should a DD1 fan be running at 4000rpm at these temperatures?. It just seems odd that it can just sit there unused for 30 minutes, and all of a sudden the fan comes on high and stays there for no apparent reason. Other times this does not happen.

Second image is all the FW info.



  • The fan should run at around 600RPM at that Temps.

    Looks like a broken Temp ensor. You should contact support to get it repaired or exchanged.

  • Thank you Maurice for the reply. This didn't seem normal but it's so new, I don't exactly know what normal is!

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