Podium (pc mode vs comp 2.5 + impact of torque key)


I am using the DD2:

1) for many games the fanatec recommended settings say to set the wheel base into 2.5 compatibility mode, but they also provide dd2 tune settings which then appear to be disabled when you are in compatibility mode. So, is it still recommended to be in compatibility mode, and if so, how do you tune (FFB control, etc.)? [Horizon is an example game.]

2) what is the impact of removing the torque key to the fanatec recommended FFB and other tuning settings ? Are the settings for use with torque key, without, or both?

Thanks in advance.


  • In compatibility mode you have the exact same Tuning Menu settings as in the normal PC mode.

    FFB will feel exactly the same (maybe a bit more latency) but otherwise identical.

    Recommended Settings are WITH the Torque Key only.

    Without Torque Key you most likely want to always use FF 100.

  • Thank you. The question is now (in 2021), when do I decide to use compatibility mode (assuming that I am using a PC and not a gaming console)? Why is it needed.?

    If I have the same tuning capability in compatibility mode, why is the tuning menu grayed out when I am in compatibility mode (while fanalab recognizes the wheel as the 2.5), the tuning menu page says no compatible wheel is connected and does not show and setting that I can tune)?

  • Hi Logan,

    Something is not right here. Can you tell us what driver version, wheel base firmware version, and FanaLab version you are using?

    [Fanatec Community Manager]

  • Hi. DD2. Most updated firmware for all items (according to driver update assistant); fanalab 1.5.4.

  • which driver version? firmwares always come with drivers, if you don't update your driver you won't be on the latest firmwares.

    So again, which driver version are you on?

  • Driver 402

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