Hello I want to order the CSL DD and v3 pedals and a wheel. Its says November for the CSL DD possible shipment is that definitely the soonest spot open for my order?


  • Yes, it's the soonest you can get it.

  • Is there a download PDF of the base showing the mounting screw locations?

  • There is a possibility of sooner ship dates if you wait for the Playstation version. Of course that version would still work for xbox users if you have a xbox wheel. They have not started taking preorders for that version yet, but it's POSSIBLE they've already allocated some of their September-October production to that version. That's all probably wishful thinking, but they did say they want to deliver PS versions before the end of the year. Haven't heard if they're doing it in waves again.

    Or you can check the scalpers market once first production units start showing up in September.

    I'm waiting impatiently for the PS version and won't settle for less.

  • Hi Joseph,

    A document will appear in the Downloads section of the CSL DD product page soon. Note there are no fixed mounting locations on this product. It has T-slots on the bottom and the side (with included T-nuts) that allow you to adjust the position of the mounting points. The side slots are the same distance apart as the side-mounting holes on Podium wheel bases. The bottom has three slots that are the same distance apart as our typical three-hole mounting pattern from all previous wheel bases, so we expect the majority of users to position the T-nuts in exactly this layout to match their pre-drilled rigs.

    [Fanatec Community Manager]

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    I understand "limited to one", but can I order an Xbox version AND a playstation version too? I really want the playstation version but you only want to sell xbox right now. Am I limited to one version or can I buy both? I'd give the xbox version to my nephew as soon as my PS version arrived.

  • Hi Matthew,

    You will be able to buy both.

  • Hello...ps5 version in the future ???

  • Would you mind sharing with me WHEN they're going to start selling them? I won't tell anyone ;)

    Will it be available ala carte like the CDL DD, or only available in the DD Pro kit? Will the pedals be included in the kit? Can I buy the GT wheel ala carte? Will the kit include a load cell pedal, and/or when can I get the LC ala carte? Are they going to release the DD Pro at the same time PD drops GT7? I have more questions, but if you could answer those and wrap it up with a pretty date I'd greatly appreciate it.

    Oh yeah, where are the fancy pedal plates they showed on the preview videos?

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