Replacement grips for Formula V2

I wonder how one can the leather grips for the Formula V2. The ones on the V2.5 now. Not the Suede ones.


  • Try contacting support they should be able to give you an answer.

  • Also wanted to know the answer and contacted support.

    But they have the policy to only sell/replace new grips when your current grips are defective. Second, if you have a Formula v2 they will only replace with alcantara version. If you have a Formula Limited from 2020 they will replace with leather ones etc. So they will only replace with the ones that were delivered from the factory.

    So unfortunately not possible… which is a bit of a shame.

  • Thanks for checking that.

    That is disappointing and very unfortunate. It's actually a stupid business model.

  • Is the alcantara quite worn down?

    I have seen a wheel somewhere which was wrapped using bicycle bar tape. Quite nicely done.

  • I wear gloves when I use the Formula rim. But, since I've gotten my Mclaren GT3 rim I don't usually wear them now. I like the idea of having the leather grips so I don't need to wear the gloves. I'll probably just sell the Formula.

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