I've lost the Fanatec control panel.

I had desktop apps for Fanalab and Fanatec. I can still access the Fanalabs app but the control panel for Fanatec is missing. I can't even find a link to re-download the drivers...just the latest Fanalabs v402 download. Has Fanalab supplanted the control panel app? Without the windows app, I don't know how to update firmware.


  • Hi!

    The control panel is not a special software from Fanatec, but the game controller settings from Windows. The quickest way to open it is via the Run Command (Windows key + R). Simply enter "joy.cpl" and press Enter.

    You can also use the Cortana Search box and enter "game controller" there. "Set up USB game controllers" is what you need.

    By the way, you can restore the old icon by creating a new shortcut (right click > New > Shortcut) and entering "%SystemRoot%\System32\joy.cpl" as the location.

  • FanaLab is NOT the driver.

    Most recent Version of FanaLab is 1.54.5 and most recent driver is 402. So what you found was not FanaLab but indeed the driver.

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    Thanks, that is what I thought I was doing, but when I was done running the 402, I couldn't find any icon or even a folder that had it installed. So I'll dig thru the above tips, thanks again.

    Both solutions worked, So all is back to my comfort zone. I guess the reason I thought Fanalabs had taken over was it was unchanged and available while the control panel had gone POOF!

    If I knew how to print a 'thumbs up' emoji I would pass it along to both of you. thanks

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