BMW M4 GT3 rim?

Any news? Q2 has passed and no update. I need to know I can't afford it now! Lol


  • The only news is what they announced almost 8 months ago now - they have not provided an update since then. I wouldn't be too optimistic at this point, though if it does happen, I do expect it to be reasonably affordable (meaning the price will be competitive with comparable equipment from competitors such as Ascher or Cube Controls, etc. - maybe Fanatec will even slightly undercut them). Same goes for the Bentley wheel.

    If they can't deliver on these products, I wish they would just do an updated F1 rim that is ~30 cm instead of 27cm - it would probably meet most people's needs on here who have been waiting for the semi-announced Podium wheels.

  • I guess there is no news then.

  • come on Fanatec I need to know When the Wheel is coming and if I have to sell my house to get it :P

  • You can start the process of selling the house: actually fanatec is ready to sell the new bmw GT3 but customers are not rich enough to buy it, that's why they delay it.

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