CSL Elite McLaren GT3 V2 CSQR1 screw length?

My McLaren arrived today together with the ClubSport QR1 and except for my disappointment about the missing plastic QR (didn't read the note), I'm confused because two sets of screws came with the stuff:

Six 20 mm M5 screws came with the wheel and six 14 mm M5 screws (with loctite) were included in the QR. So I would go with the 14 mm ones, but any mentioning in the manual would have been appreciated.

If someone could confirm the 14 mm, I would be thankful. 👍️


  • Hi Christopher,

    With our new wheels shipping with the QR in a separate box, we are supplying the appropriate bolts inside the wheel packaging. So the 'correct' bolts are the 20 mm for the McLaren V2. The QR1 Wheel-Side upgrade you received is from existing stock which still contains bolts (this part will not include bolts in future). These bolts are also fine to use in this case. However for some wheels is it important to use the bolts that come with the wheel, because they can be different lengths, specific to the design of the wheel internals. This is always detailed in the Quick Guides.

    [Fanatec Community Manager]

  • Hi Dominic,

    thanks for the clarification! So I'm looking foward to test it in 20 minutes 😀

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