Podium DD1 Force Feedback Variation (drivers, power, usb, etc)

Hi there

Ive been carrying an issue whereby the force-feed back on the wheel, in F1 2020, is sometimes strong and sometimes weak on the same settings.

I was using the 402 driver and could potentially find a solution to this problem temporarily by changing wheel-to-pc usb port choice, restarting the wheel and pc, etc. If I found a solution somehow, then the wheel gave stronger FFB. But if I were to shut down for the day and reboot the pc in the morning, the wheels FFB is limited again. Its not totally 0, but noticeable softer than before / how it should be operating.

So i uninstalled the 402 driver and then installed the 347 driver. It asked me to restart the computer which i did. 

The wheel then delivered full power!

The problem was, when i shut the computer down and turn on again, the wheel then gave less FFB power (same issue)

If i repeat the process and again, uninstall the now 347 driver and then reinstall the 347 driver, restart the computer, then the wheel also delivers full power and operates perfectly fine for that session

So therefore, The first occasion after installing the 347 driver makes the wheel work fine. Any subsequent sessions, the wheel exhibits softer FFB.

I have gone into device manager and unrestricted power to this device

Has anyone had this issue before and could offer a solution? Thanks in advance!


  • Sounds like that LIN setting they added - Try turning that off for the old behavior.

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    I have such such variations with FFB force on DD2 and Assetto Corsa Competizione. Using 381 driver and it's firmware.

    When it starts to annoy me too much, I uninstall the drivers and use device cleanup tool to remove leftovers. However this is not really a solution.

    I see that you have same happening with dd1 and older/newer driver and another game. So it's not game related, and probably not driver related.

    I was thinking that it may be temperature related, lately its very hot here, and this change in ffb is happening more often in the summer compared to winter. I am almost sure that there is temperature/force curve or compensation. May be this compensation is buggy or something. However even if this is true, it is not something that depends on the end user.

    Another theory is something related to the usb ports. I am using amd ryzen 5900 cpu on x570 mother board, what is yours?

  • happening same to me on ps4.

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