Dispatch delays

Ordered my CSL pedals on 4 days ago, no sign of dispatch yet. Yes there is a warning of UPS delays, but nothing about dispatch delays. Have had items delivered from UPS recently, no delays.

If Fanatec had warned me about dispatch delays would never have ordered. Woukd have just bought Thrustmaster load cell pedals instead.

No response from my helpdesk request for 2 days either :(

Really not happy with Fanatec communications, have cancelled my 750 euro CSL DD & wheel in response.


  • So actually you entered an order and then in 2 days because you saw no dispatch info you have asked for info and again because you didn't receive an answer instead of canceling the pedals you canceled the DD and wheel which was pre-order for delivery sept or oct or nov depending on when you ordered?

    Did I understand correctly?

  • I have no option to cancel the pedals, I have contacted CS about this but as of yet no reply.

    My delivery date for the CSL DD is Sept, I have cancelled because I had the option to & that I dont wish to deal with a company that has such poor customer service any longer.

    I ordered the pedals before 9am Tues, it's now Friday late PM so that's nearly 4 days and no UPS tracking .

  • Finally got a reply from CS. They said that some "technical error" lead to the delay and they'll ship it out today.

    Not happy at all.....

  • But you ‘ve canceled. How they will ship?

  • No I emailed CS asking to cancel, but when they replied, they sent me the tracking number.

  • So now UPS are saying delivery on Thursday, so 9 days from order to delivery!

    I've recently had items from the US to UK delivered in 3 days. Very poor service from Fanatec & UPS.

    In future I'll just buy Thrustmaster items, at least I can get them delivered next day from Amazon etc.

  • You seem hard to please. Pretty much a week, not counting the weekend. Didn’t you say in your other post that there were no Thrustmaster pedals in stock and that’s why you ordered from Fanatec? What happened did you find any in stock?

  • Yes on Amazon, Thrustmaster pedals was re-stocked last Thur.

    I dont think shipping something from Germany to UK should take 9 days when I have received items from the US in 3 days. Not hard to please just basic competence from Fanatec/UPS.

  • Yea, I guess they have 0 competence…..

  • Man seriously.... Sell your stuff and go to thrusmaster.... Cannot imagine the post you will be making in this forum if God forbit something happens to the pedals and you need support to get back to you....

  • My previous clubsport pedals did go wrong, I spoke to Fanatec support and they said the parts were no longer available. This is why I'm buying the new pedals.

    I have never complained about this.... so you no longer need to imagine anything.

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