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I've just ordered a McLaren wheel as it was 'ready to ship' as stated on the website. Even if I go to the overal wheel page it's stated as available. But after cheking my order I have a pre-order status saying it won't be delivered before septembre.

Can someone @Fanatec clarify what is the correct status?

If I need to wait I'll have to cancel the order because it's a gift.

Thank you


  • Hi Ellen,

    I believe this is because your order also includes another item that is not currently available. We don't offer partial order shipments at the moment, so the entire order would be on hold until everything is available. If you would like the McLaren to ship immediately then please cancel the order (this can be done in the Orders section of your Fanatec account) and place a new order for just the McLaren.

    [Fanatec Community Manager]

  • Hi Dominic,

    I've ordered two wheels today. The clubsport formula V2.5 and the McLaren wheel. Both available as stated on your website, but if I check my order the McLaren status has changed to pre-order with delivery in septembre.

    You will notice that the McLaren wheel is still available on your website as it was when I ordered.

    So I would like to now what is the correct status? Is it the website or the status on my order overview?

  • Hi Ellen,

    In that case please contact customer service for clarification.

    The best way to reach them is via the main contact button on the site, and then selecting 'I have a question about my order'.

    [Fanatec Community Manager]

  • Hi. The same thing happened with me.

    I ordered the McLaren V2 (only) & the availability said ready to ship.

    But after ordering it says pre-order Sept.

  • I bought the McLaren wheel on June and it said availability on Aug 31st.

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