Contacting Fanatec

What is the best way to contact Fanatec atm, I’m seeing a lot of people post with issues. I’ve sent a ticket in but I can image they are busy atm, I also tried phoning today within the times and the phones lines are just busy.

Also what is their returns police for faulty hardware? Replace or refund as my base came DOA and the rest of my gear is useless and if they are going to refund I’ll just place another order so I’m not waiting about


  • The best way is to contact them via support through the website over calling. Unfortunately they are overloaded with the situation as well as the increase interest in sim racing and many purchases being made. All while working remotely. You'll have to be patient.

    The warranty varies between each item. Check the product page or manual for your warranty. 14 days for refund.

  • i am trying for weeks to call and email and i get no response.....

    kind of upsetting for a company with such great products

  • my order was ready to ship when i ordered last email was your order is getting ready to be shipped since then i never heard a thing.....that was april 21.2020

  • I managed to get trough by phone and have a couple of emails of them since, they seem to be quite on the ball tbh, my last order was placed and delivered within 4 days.

  • Might seem obvious but have you checked your spam/junk folder for any email response ? Was the email sent to [email protected] ?

  • lucky you to get through i did't have that luck adam

  • joseph thanks for response but i check my email folder on a regular base even the spam/junk folder

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