Need Ideas: What Do You Use Your MPSs for? (Assetto Corsa, iRacing)

I am new to Fanatec ecosystem and am wondering what everyone’s using their multi position switches for. I only play iRacing and Assetto Corsa for the time being and do not have enough time with either to have an idea what car settings would/may apply to the MPSs.

Up until now I only played Grand Prix Legends and none of the cars (nor any of the mod cars) have any setting that could be applicable. Lol

Thanks in advance.


  • ABS and TC are probably the most common uses. But it's your wheel - use them for whatever you want.

  • Thanks @Gagaryn,

    I wanted to get a feel of most common/frequent use so that I have an easier time to get started. As I mentioned all my previous sim racing has been in historic cars so that I’ve never had to use anything more complicated than brake bias adjustment.

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