Can't update firmware on CSR wheel


I've been trying for a couple hours now to update my old CSR wheel (not elite). I downloaded CSR 756 Win10 from this wheel's download page on the Fanetic website, and extracted the firmware updater and everything. If it's worth mentioning, I also downloaded Fanatec_Driver_64bit-v261.zipThe specific firmware updater is FanatecFwUpdater_v2.4, and I'm running Windows 10 Home. After getting the wheel in bootloader, I started the update, but it gets stuck in phase 1. I'll attach a picture of what it looks like.

I've tried doing this process a handful of times with no luck. Any help would be well appreciated, thanks!


  • If I recall correctly I once had a similar issue (same CSR Wheel). I believe what I did back then was to try and install using a different laptop.

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