Calibrating Throttle on CSR Elite Pedals?

For some reason recently my throttle no longer goes to 100% - it tops out at what rFactor 2 told me was 83% and while it was easy enough to set the maximum there in other titles, like Dirt Rally 2 I can't find any way to calibrate in game - so I can only get 83% throttle.

I have the latest drivers installed but see no way to calibrate them in the Windows control panel applet / driver - am I missing something or is it just not possible? I'm sorta at a loss as to how to fix this in a title like Dirt Rally 2 - and if there is a way to do it in that game great but I'll certainly run into this in other titles down the road.

Thoughts? I know their fairly old, got them in 2014 but they still work great (on my 4th load cell in them) so I don't really want to replace them anytime soon.




  • Well - I'd still like to know if there is a way - but after dismounting them from my rig, pulling them apart and then, before trying to swap the clutch and throttle pedals sensors I plugged it into my laptop to test - and guess what, it was perfect (without the Fanatec driver installed). I then plugged them back into my sim rig and viola, they are not working perfectly.

    WTF? I'm glad they're working - but the main question still remains, can you calibrate these?

  • Yes. Go to Devices on Windows, click on the CSR Elite Pedals, go to Proprieties, and you'll be able to recalibrate the information for Windows. Press the pedals to the max that you can, and save it. Windows will define that point as the 100% throttle to all games.

  • Sadly this is incorrect - I get no such options anywhere. Getting to properties means I go through joy.cpl (the Game Controllers control panel applet) and when I click "Properties" there is only a "Vibration Test" (since I don't have the motor on my brake pedal it does nothing) and the update tab just shows the model, again they are the older (I think I bought them back in 2014)

    ClubSport Pedals CSR Pedals Elite

    PC driver: 402

    And that's it - the "calibrate" button that you describe, and I've seen with other joystick devices does not exist. And as it doesn't I STILL can not calibrate them and it is STILL a major issue.

    I suppose I'll try opening a support request but that's been utterly useless every single time I've tried to get support but who knows, maybe I'll get lucky and get help (highly doubt it but I guess I'll try).

    Any other ideas? I guess it's just not possible?

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