Podium Advanced Paddle Module not working on F1 2021

Jorge CorreiaJorge Correia Member
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Hi, in F1 2021 the upper paddles don't work on PS5. The middle paddles work fine. I cannot map them in the configurations and I used them in F1 2020 without issues. Does it happen to anyone else?


  • I also have the same issue with the upper paddles not working or even mappable in F1 2021 (on PS5)

  • Okay, on Playstation its indeed a known issue that the upper APM paddles are not being recognised properly.

    Should be fixed with the next driver update which is coming sometime this year.

  • Top paddles aren't working for me on F1 2021 either. Hopefully, an update that fixes this won't take too long.

  • tjsmithtjsmith Member

    My top paddles were working on ps5 for maybe an hour but then they stopped randomly

  • That's so weird... On Xbox Series X, the top right paddle is Y or DRS, and the top left is X or MFD call up. That's default, I have not tried remapping them as they are useful. Has since beta v1 and ALL versions up to and including 1.06 currently out today...

  • In the 1.07 patch notes :

    • Fanatec advanced paddle module top paddles will now be correctly recognised

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